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there’s currently 14 left as the wannabes r on a lil MC bus on their way to the team challenge. they arrive at a good size diner called ‘dinah’s’. the 3 inform them that they’ll be cooking the food for the busiest shift and each team will cook for half of the diner.. the team captains will be chosen by the 3, a couple want this role and a couple very much don’t lol. WILLIE is one team captain and christine is the second team captain.. but both teams will be males vs females.. but that’s not all, the teams pick one person from the other team to join theirs lol. red team chooses christian who’s particularly surprised, and blue team picks victoria.. the diners will be given a red and blue MC dollar bills and r to give it to the team’s dish they liked best by putting the dollar in the bin b4 leaving, if they don’t like it then no tip! and the team captains will be expediting the kitchens, so we’ll see how they do as leaders and keeping their kitchens flowing smoothly.

christine is handling the expediting well and lots of vocalizing/communicating in the kitchens but willie seems to be fading a bit w/ his voice… too bad too cuz i really was pulling for willie to do good and shine in this! wow, now willie is at the point where he seems to have forgotten how to read?!?!? GE jumps in to try and help willie get his area organized.. meanwhile, the red team’s club sandwiches are not being done to par so christine won’t allow them to be brought to customers, causing the whole kitchen’s orders to be held up.. elise is def making it seem like club sandwiches r the hardest to prepare lol, i know layering correctly is hard but gosh… it’s amazing she’s made it so far w/ her being unable to make a club sandwich! leslie on the blue team is struggling w/ his eggs.. i’ll say that eggs can be pretty temperamental and time sensitive lol, but i’ve made it no secret that i don’t like leslie lol.. LOL the customers r not fans of leslie’s eggs haaaaa! doesn’t take long for willie to remove him from the station but it’s still a fail anyway cuz the table(s) walk out!

lol willie thinks they *might* face the pressure test but i think it’s safe to say they WILL face it lol, unless red team fucks up majorly.. and right when i type that, a customer gets GR and turns out she had raw chicken on her plate!! hmmm a lot of customers have been coming to dinah’s for many yrs (decades even!), if i’m ever in that area, i’ll have to make sure i make a trip there to try out the food :) at the end of the team challenge, GR announces they’ll find out the next day who will be doing the pressure test vs. safe from elimination.. so it’s kinda up in the air but i’m def leaning towards blue team doing the pressure test w/ willie not speaking up, leslie FAILING at eggs, tables walking out, etc… so it’s $87 vs $82…. the winning team isssssss RED TEAM, like i thought! i bet victoria is wishing she hadn’t been favored by them lol.. willie is given the option to save 3 members of the team or save himself…. not surprisingly considering willie’s good character, he chooses to save 3 – daniel (w/ cracks at leslie who is being leslie..), francis, and victoria (this makes me glad since she didn’t exactly choose to be on the team so she shouldn’t have to do the pressure test by default like that).

oooooooo RED VELVET CAKE is the pressure test food item! omgosh, it’s soooo perfectly layered!!! honestly, idk if they should be given the ingredients for the pressure test, i think a good challenge in addition to it being the pressure test would be to figure out for themselves what the ingredients are supposed to be… as the team leader, willie is pretty confident and notes how he doesn’t need to move fast in the kitchen, cuz he’s just so calm and knows what he’s doing basically. leslie of course is quick to brag and act like he’s fine.. but he’s including pistachios?! but w/ his arrogant and disgusting attitude, it really makes me wonder what he’s like at home… is he married? does he have kids? do they yank their hair out every day from his ranting?! i used to bake cakes and decorate and i never thought i needed to do the slicing the curvy part off the top layer lol. and then i wondered y it was so frustrating to frost it! lol.. but i was just a kid back then. i always got compliments on the taste and moistness of my cakes and eventually the decorating bits i did..  but yeah, i wish i had gone into cake decorating like i originally wanted to when i was younger. lol but w/ my ocd perfection and everything, i’d never finish a product in a timely manner lol!

hmmm w/ willie’s cake, i think the lowest frosting is too thin compared to the top one, but GR is thinking the layering’s great. leslie did go thru w/ the pistachios and JB liked his cake overall, GR compliments him as well.. w/ dan’s cake, JB can’t even cut thru it to show the slice!!! he has to really struggle  lol and the cake is too curved, but JB points out that cutter’s cake looks worse than his so he may be saved by cutter’s worst cake.. apparently cutter used too much frosting too and it overwhelms the moistness of the cake.. cutter even goes so far as to say he disagrees w/ GR lol and he’s starting to get disrespectful w/ GE too by interrupting him and getting an attitude.. so JB jumps in to taste too and tries to set cutter straight, asking if he’s delusional! but now he’s just plain mouthing off to JB telling JB ‘don’t put words in my mouth’ and he points out that he’s starting to be disrespectful and ignorant LOL.. i think his attitude alone right now is gonna get his ass eliminated, even if he had the most perfect cake..

well i think it’s obv gonna come down to dan  and cutter, and likely cutter is exiting tonite cuz of his crap cake and even crappier attitude and disrespect towards each of the 3! all cuz he’s pissed he had to do a damn cake and hates baking! wow, in the MC competition, u have to be versatile and diverse in ur abilities w/ all kinds of food, dishes, and general techniques in cooking/baking/etc. so for him to act like baking is too frustrating for him means he shouldn’t have joined this competition in the 1st place! clearly he was under a different impression of what challenges he’d face in this competition and it’s long time  for him to go! so i’ll be shocked if he isn’t eliminated.. WTF!!!!! CUTTER IS SAFE?!?!?!?!!? well, i’ll say, the judges don’t judge on attitudes of the wannabes, but i admit, i think it wasn’t the best decision they’ve ever made.. i think dan deserved to be safe, but idk, maybe even tho it shows good character to be humble, that it ended up working against him in this competition and he didn’t have enuf ‘passion’ and fight to win????

LOL YAY next epi, they’re gonna be cooking alongside GR! that’s some damn high standards they’ll be up against! i LOVE watching GR cook, u basically only see it in his UK shows lol, but when u do, it’s just poetry in a kitchen! and his famoous ‘done’ lol… and medics r needed too!! UH OH!

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1st of all, i LOVE this title cuz i truly hope it’s in reference to eric when he was trying to SNEAK ATTACK to-pan-gah! in that one epi after she beat him up in wrestling lol! he was all over the place – in a display case, in a PAINTING!, in the sofa! lol.. no one will ever match eric’s personality lol!!! who agrees?! :) the epi starts w/ cory and auggie (a mini cory) bout to shave and covered in shaving cream but both manage to kiss on topanga’s face and get the shaving cream all over her lol! riley enters the scene and is very happy and positive lol.. ‘this life thing, i think i got it down’ – riley, right b4 maya and farkle come in and join the mix. cory wants to start watching auggie’s fave tv show at the table but auggie turns it off saying he has a new best friend now so he doesn’t wanna watch it anymore… riley is on a happiness roll at school, but immediately sinks when she sees lucas interacting w/ another girl..

in history class w/ cory, he’s talking abt the ‘sneak attack’ regarding pearl harbor sadly, i was hoping he’d reference eric, even just saying his name to the class and a chuckle would’ve sufficed! lol.. and riley gets herself excused cuz she’s so mopey now.. but outside of class, riley is doing her own version of a sneak attack and very clearly spying on lucas w/ the girl, missy lol. she storms back into class and confronts missy, also mocking her lol.. and she does her own ‘boop!’ and ends up putting her finger in lucas’ NOSE! she’s so frozen w/ embarrassment now that she can’t move it from him, and farkle accidentally decides to join and ‘boop’s too lol.. riley decides to hide in the VERY skinny and small locker, i really dunno how this girl fit in there! my gosh!!! and of course, missy walks up and has to do some rubbing it in w/ riley..

back at home, auggie is giving the parental units a bit of a hard time w/ insisting he’s more grown up than he is.. even calling them ‘mother’ and ‘father’.. cory is particularly heartbroken at auggie’s sudden maturing.. at school, riley tries to interfere w/ missy/lucas at lunch but missy sticks food on both their faces and yells ‘food fight’ so cory comes over and gives missy and lucas both detention lol, sooo now they’ll be alone in detention and riley is fuming inside! annnd riley gets herself detention from cory too by having maya jump him from behind and riley wiggles her finger on his lips?! LOL.. at home, topanga meets auggie’s lil woman in his life, ava who’s a tad demanding and whatnot, wanting his mr. googly? but topanga takes over and makes her give it back to auggie and has her leave lol, go topangah! in detention, lucas surprises every1 including missy, by siding w/ riley, maya, and farkle.. and maya makes sure she ‘boops’ missy b4 she takes off.. back at home, the matthews family join forces to encourage auggie to stay a lil boy, and he finally reaccepts mr. googly again :))))))

so 3 epi’s in, and i’ll say the show is def more positive/happy oriented and more younger age appropriate like the 1st season of BMW was.. will it stay that way thruout the whole series? idk, that’s up to the writers/disney! but regardless, i’m still loving it for it’s child-oriented ways  and i’m still stuck on how great it is to see cory and topanga back on my tv screen! :), my only complaint w/ this epi is that there was no reference to eric besides the connection w/ the epi title.. i think it would’ve been soooo great if cory just mumbled to himself abt eric sneak attacking topanga or a lil flash from that BMW epi would’ve been perfection! damnit tho, i need more BMW cameos/appearances!!! bring it on, GMW!!!

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1st epi: ‘lady is a tramp stamp’ – the epi starts w/ angelo admitting that leah wears the pants for her stuff and telling him what to do lol but he wears the pants for the man stuff lol.. and we see them sorting thru his various clothes and she calls most of it ‘horrendous’ lol… and leah’s sister comes in saying that their mom will be getting a tramp stamp tattoo LOL!!! and speaking of vicki, she’s busy talking to the cameramen and giving them the fingers lol!!! but pretty soon, leah and shannon come in and confront vicki abt the tattoo idea. she got the idea from a friend who leah said has really nice skin.. vicki admits that she was trampy when she was younger so the name tramp stamp is kinda fitting lol!!! u know, i didn’t know this was how vicki was, b4 i only saw her in the audience on ‘the talk’ and she didn’t talk really so i think she’s hilarious and fun for her age, and it’s clear where leah gets some of her out there attitude lol… i almost think in some cases, that vicki sorta outshines leah in hilarity lol.. maybe vicki should go into acting?! :)

we hear how the whole family basically works at the vivian’s diner (george (leah’s stepdad), angelo (her husband), shannon (her sister) and vicki (her mom) are all working/owning it). at home, sofia plays the piano and leah sings a lil song VERY off key and loud LOL.. leah insists on going w/ her mom to the tattoo place so she can see the pic of her tramp stamp, looks kinda big honestly and it’s of a female lol… meanwhile, george is having issues w/ various stuff related to the diner’s computer lol so shannon has to take off to go back and help him.. it’s finally time to get the tattoo and much of the family is there to witness it all.  so vicki is taking it better than i thought she would, prob better than  i would lol.. but w/ lots of swearing (u and me both, vicki! lol) but i don’t have the pain guts to get a tattoo, even tho i have 2 designs that would be sooo meaningful to me and i’d love to get em… ultimately tho, she survives it to the end :) and she goes over to leah’s to show them the tattoo and leah notices how happy she is abt it so ultimately leah accepts it lol..


2nd epi: ‘what’s the point, mom?’ – LOL leah’s too busy gagging to death in response to vicki’s mustache!!! then leah’s avoiding of vicki’s texts is discussed cuz she waits til the end of the day and gets distracted all the time instead of texting her mom back right away lol.. then some talk abt the ‘ambiance’ of the diner is discussed too lol. all of it only in the way leah and vicki can do it :) like i said, i think vicki kinda outshines leah in some ways and lol she’s quite the funny character! i’d love to have a mom figure like her honestly.. she’s such an endearing and funny person, she brings life to the party w/ her facial expressions, her quirks, and her hilarious behavior lol. who can forget her constant ways of staying young and in the now? lol..

btw, it’s hilarious that leah and vicki r at a lil store together hoping to find stuff for the diner and they’re arguing a bit while there’s a fake moving primate waving their arm right behind/side them lol!!! and leah of course is so embarrassed by her mom and whatnot that she wants her gone lol. angelo shows up to settle things and vicki tells him he’s fired lol.. they show george the lil ‘please pay cashier’ sign and he immediately hangs it up w/ the family surrounding and watching :) annnnd vicki tells her ‘u did good’ and kisses and hugs her :) i love their relationship so much, it’s def the heart of the show :)

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last epi, catherine FINALLY broke up w/ will and of course, he stormed out after she gave him back the engagement ring… so to catherine, that leaves the ‘option’ of ian.. but i’m personally hoping she doesn’t choose ian (or get back w/ will) and instead she finds a whole new guy to be w/ cuz both ian and will r bad for her IMO.. but instead of me getting what i want lol, the epi starts w/ some intimacy btwn ian and catherine, damn.. they find their individual lil quirks interesting and endearing and catherine is introduced to ian’s doorman, joey, who’s quite kind and a great person.. but right after opening the door for them, he collapses and says he has the worst headache of his life, so they rush him to the cube..

he’s survived to the hospital but ian says they’ll likely have to operate and joey is quite trusting of him.. another male patient is quite hostile and says he’s ‘feeling too much’ among other symptoms. his drug test shows he’s taken methamphetamines but he says he doesn’t do drugs. ian and a coworker figure out that joey had a form of an aneurysm, ian wants to do this himself cuz he cares very much for joey, but the coworker wants him to not do this cuz he’s too biased and close to the patient.. catherine meanwhile is examining a lil boy named skylar who’s pretty distant and ‘unresponsive’. he seems to have regular physical everything, but his mom says he hasn’t been vaccinated for anything cuz she doesn’t want him to get autism. catherine tries to explain there’s no connection btwn them but she won’t listen. catherine wants to do a spinal tap and whatnot.. funny, the mother didn’t vaccinate him cuz she was worried abt autism, and yet he’s striking me as someone who could be on the autism spectrum or something like autism (or some other special needs condition)…

i’ll be honest, i can’t stand when ppl r soooo afraid of the possibility of special needs, as if it’s the end of the world.. a terminal illness is the end of the world, not down syndrome or autism or any of that… all it means is that person is SPECIAL, unique, and that u’ll see innocence and child like qualities u’ll find urself blessed to witness and be a part of their life. i know i feel blessed every time i see my lil brother or any special needs person (any age). u’ll feel blessed to see their smiles, to hear their laughs, to hear them say 1 word b/c they’re otherwise non verbal, when they touch ur hand or suddenly hug u when normally they can’t deal w/ physical contact, etc etc…

catherine and ian take the time to be a bit intimate again while the male patient from earlier scuffs to death while he leaves the cube and btw, he has very yellow eye balls and whatnot!!! so u know he’s gonna end up back at the cube in no time! dr mahmoud points out to catherine and mackenzie that the male patient did not have a positive drug test, but it’s actually a diff condition and they rush to figure out where he is now cuz he’s jaundiced and whatnot now. and seems the joey doorman’s surgery went wrong and he’s at risk now…. catherine makes a call to the male patient but no answer.. catherine sees the spinal tap results from skylar’s spinal tap and goes to inform the mom that he has a rare encephalitus caused by measles.. this caused irreversible brain damage and it’s now fatal at this stage it’s at.. even tho the mom realizes she made a grave mistake in not giving him vaccinations, catherine tries to reassure her that she was simply doing what she thought was best for skylar… well, i’ll say, i sure didn’t want a terminal illness for skylar, but i hope this wakes her up that vaccines and autism are not the end of the world like she wanted to think. now her son is dying b/c she was sooo worried abt the chance of autism… smh…

joey has ondine’s curse where if he falls asleep, he’ll die! my gosh, what a curse to have.. apparently it’s based on ondine, a water nymph who cursed her cheating husband w/ the same thing. catherine goes to talk w/ ian who’s busy wanting to blame catherine and their lil tryst on his messing up in his job and w/ joey.. i knew this would happen honestly. i said it b4 in my ‘black box’ blogs i believe, that ian is married to his work like he said and catherine will never be a priority to him cuz of that, one way or another. originally, i thought he’d turn her in if he found out she was bipolar, but in this case right now, he’s blaming her and their relationship for his failing at work… in her office, catherine takes a handful of pills that aren’t hers…. catherine calls josh in the middle of the nite saying she has a voice saying to hurt herself  and she needs him to come over… regan suggests not going but josh can’t do that and live w/ himself if she were to kill herself. he arrives at her place and the music is blaring and she’s crying hysterically in the bathroom on the floor.. he calms her down but she won’t go to the hospital. she admits to him tho that she took some pills, apparently it was oxy. and josh is pissed cuz she caused this for herself and he’s abt to leave but gets on the couch and tells her to go to sleep..

so how do u deal w/ a loved one who has an intense mental illness?! i’ve been there myself w/ having mental illnesses, but i’m honestly better now. all i have is severe anxiety due to my many anxiety disorders.. but once upon a time, i was a good mix of conditions in the DSM IV lol… but getting married changed a lot for me. i’m not depressed any more or anything after 20 yrs of it so i’m in a better place now, and plenty stable. maybe the most i’ve ever been lol since i was a kid b4 anything went wrong in my life.. but like i said, how do u deal w/ a loved one in this case, like josh w/ catherine? when is too much too much? when do u draw the line in helping them? how do u be supportive w/o losing urself? i’ve wondered this for my loved ones when i wasn’t well. do they stop listening to u? stop taking ur calls/emails? what do ya do??? if any1 wants to share any insight into this stuff, pls do and feel free to in any form of contact on the left :)

josh is back at home and regan is relieved to see josh too angry w/ catherine right now, saying ‘it’s abt time’. catherine tries to find the jaundiced man, fred, and happens to run into him outside his building. he’s still very yellow eyed so i’m surprised he appears to be alright since he just went to get some groceries.. ian finally talks w/ joey and his wife abt his condition w/ not being able to breathe on his own, saying it’s permanent and that he’s found a referral doctor who may be able to do surgery to correct this condition. they’d insert a pacemaker into his diaphragm to make him keep breathing but joey doesn’t want any1 else but ian to do it, but ultimately he agrees to it… well, i’ll say that joey is quite loyal :)

catherine informs fred abt what’s going on w/ his body causing his symptoms and catherine brings mackenzie into her office to talk some sense into her abt how to properly examine patients and pay attn to the signs, symptoms, etc rather than cutting them down into simple conclusions.. if that makes sense lol. joey survived the surgery and is able to open the door after as he leaves the hospital.. catherine tries to still reassure ian that he’s a great doctor but he’s rejecting it all and says they need to take a break… catherine has her session w/ helen and tells her everything that’s been going on. she admits they need to redo her meds, and that she should’ve never gotten involved w/ ian. she tells helen how the cube is what holds her together and that she’s hesitant to change her meds doses cuz she wants to feel MORE, not less.. helen writes her Rx but sees she’s bothered by it all.. at home, catherine tries to call will (UGH) who seems to be on a date, but he ignores the call, she calls josh who sends her to voicemail, and she quietly isn’t surprised but not thrilled by this either… btw, next wk’s epi is the season finale?!?!?! but it’s 2 hrs lol.. i feel like it’s too soon for the season finale tho!! ://// but u know it’s gonna be intense as she’s gonna spiral out of control it seems from the preview….


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last week, joy lost it during dinner service (and in front of stan lee no less!) and walked out of HK, and didn’t go back, so she eliminated her own ass, and GR decided to not eliminate any1 else, but u know some1 is gonna go home tonite, so damnit it needs to be JASON! but at this point i know it’s not gonna be.. he’s gonna get lucky and make it to the finals i’m guessing, but gosh if he’s the winner, i’ll be beyond pissed!!! and u won’t hear the end of it in my blog entry lol! the final 4 reflect on how they’re the last ones right now…

the next morning, GR is surrounded by security, he tells the wannabes that a few important folks r gonna be at HK.. wow, they’re rolling up in limos w/ police escorts and whatnot lol… LOL @ it’s their loved ones :))))) how wonderful for all of them :))) rochelle is 1st to see her loved ones, followed by melanie, jason is next and wow, i can’t believe jason even has a gf, he’s such a sexist arrogant ass, i can only imagine how she puts up w/ that… and finally, scott’s wife and kids come out of their limo, this is the most heartwarming one i must say, to see a parent happily reunited w/ his young children is always very sweet and wonderful to see. everyone gets to enjoy some down time eating some great HK food but it ends too quickly and the loved ones have to leave..

lol GR reveals to them that the dish they have to recreate is the same one they were served w/ their families, but some say they didn’t even eat any of it lol, so GR saves them and offers them 1 dish to share in order to figure out what ingredients r in it.. the results r showing as mixed btwn each wannabe over what the overall ingredients r.. sole is the protein (scott loses), the veg is butternut squash (melanie loses), the puree is watercress (rochelle loses), which means stupid jass-on wins UGH! so his reward is a VIP restaurant tour and that andi will be going w/ him, along w/ prizes along the way, starting in the dorms.. the punishment for the 3 is they have to deal w/ ‘moving day’.. jass-on heads up to see a shitload of cookware. they then head to ‘fig and olive’ and he takes the time to shittalk abt the 3.. meanwhile, the girls r managing to get scott to do the moving stuff lol.. i can understand rochelle can’t, she got part of her thumb cut off lol, but melanie is just plain taking advantage lol.. can’t say i’m the most helpful w/ moving either, but i also don’t have any physical strength to lift and carry heavy crap. so unless u want my grip to give out when we’re both carrying something or me to drop and break something, it’s just better if i don’t help…

at the next place, jass-on is surprised by his mom and gf sitting at the table there, and andi leaves them to it.. but he rushes back to HK so he wasn’t able to talk w/ them for long.. right when he arrives, dinner service is abt to start so GR gives them the lil announcement that each will be doing their time at the pass, so this is the make it or break it time for the wannabe’s to really stand out for GR on whether they should win the competition or not.. rochelle is 1st up at the pass and james is taking over her station.. so if any of them watched past HK seasons, they’ll know that they’ll be facing quality checks due to the sous chefs messing up orders to see if they catch it or not. but rochelle is being too damn nice honestly, and GR immediately steps in and reminds her that she has to be commanding and demanding rather than nice and passive.. she does pass the quality control test of james putting shrimp in the dish but she’s too damn passive for this job…

next up is melanie and she immediately asks GR for help cuz JP put the wrong item on the order lol, and melanie thought maybe HK was running a special.. but even after that, at 1st, no one is responding to her yelling and she just says ‘w/e, fuck u guys’ LOL.. so rochelle is too nice, and melanie gives up too easy and doesn’t trust herself. eventually, ppl start listening tho but gosh what a rough start for these 2 women… 3rd is scott and he tends to lose it sometimes so i wonder how easily frustrated he’ll be.. scott is able to see the james’ test so he passes in that way, but he’s also going a bit overboard in quality control lol.. like he’s trying to be the next GR lol! jass-on is next and he’s taking advantage of being in charge, and every1 is now slacking off.. and exactly like i thought, jason is a BAD leader in the kitchen and lets his attitude get in the way w/ everything he’s supposed to do. he’s finding it more fun to tell ppl what to do and joke around than to do his damn job of making sure food goes out and it’s perfect.. i hope GR sees this and doesn’t choose him to win! but will he succeed in the quality control? ugh and he does…

after dinner service GR asks them who they feel does not belong in the finals.. well, i think y’all know my vote lol (jass-on in case u haven’t read my blogs this season lol). hmmm who do i think would be a good winner? *maybe* scott??? he loses his cool sometimes but gosh it’s not like GR hasn’t lost his cool ever lol… and he was pretty meticulous w/ quality control and he took command at the pass… the girls r too weak vocally and question their own judgement too much when they’re supposed to be a head chef, so they should trust their instinct and know what to do w/ anything that may happen.. jass-on is just such a jerk and sexist on top of it, so any1 who works ‘under’ him is gonna wanna quit the 1st day w/ him as their boss…

GR ultimately picks rochelle to go home. but does tell her that she’s very energetic and has a great future ahead of her no matter what she does.. he laughs w/ her as she just giggles thru it all, seems she knew it was quite possible she’d be next to go home.. and during her HK montage, we see lots of giggling by her and her major moments.. she’s def been a positive and kind person in HK, not sure this was the right competition for her lol… 1st to make it to the finals issssss…. scott. and 2nd issssss….. jass-on. UGH!!!!! melanie is eliminated and i understand that. but GR has her keep her jacket and tells her she was born to cook.. the guys hug her goodbye… soooo i was right, jass-on unfortunately made it to the finals… BUT he better NOT WIN! i really want scott to win this so i hope he does.. but i know it could go either way… so who else was surprised/happy/pissed at GR’s decision w/ the eliminations/finalists? next epi is the season finale and keep in mind the $$$$ prize and job position they’ll have…..

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so as viewers know, molly (halle berry) is mysteriously pregnant when she was on a solo mission as an astronaut for just over 1 yr, and add in that she’s supposedly infertile anyways, the only ones who know r molly and her doc/friend, sam.. but what she hasn’t really told any1 is that she had a creepy intimate encounter w/ a man on the space thingy that wasn’t visible to the surveillance video and u gotta figure that’s how she got pregnant, so what kind of baby does she have growing in her belly?! the epi starts w/ molly doing normal household domestic stuff like cooking, and btw, since when do eggs stand up on their own?! i guess that’s a lil futuristic thing… her and john kiss goodbye right after ethan makes his presence known. john is pleasantly surprised by the new updates at work, and molly tries some bonding w/ ethan but she loses the lil game they were playing. she tries to reassure him that she loves being home w/ her family since he thought that space was her fave place..

molly hears some weird noise going on and suddenly has pain in her belly.. right when the same black man appears to her and says ‘it’s ok’. ethan comes into the kitchen to see her passed out and sees a weird thing w/ her belly that was moving and popping up?! she quickly wakes up and says she’s alright tho.. i thought he’d see her w/ a bunch of blood from a miscarriage…. molly brings ethan to the museum and he enjoys the elephants exhibit where whoa, they actually MOVE!!! one huge one goes right up to ethan, and ethan just stares it down, eventually it disintegrates since it’s a hologramish elephant.. now the kids are playing w/ a big school of fish swimming around the museum lol while molly talks w/ an acquaintance.. but she sees sam and they go to talk privately.

molly tells sam what happened that morning but insists they can’t tell her superiors.. she then tells sam how she saw harmon the nite b4 and that he didn’t commit suicide, sam tells her that her and harmon have the same abnormalities, uh oh!! molly asks if the abnormalities could cause a fake pregnancy but sam says no, the pregnancy is very real. so molly asks to get an ultrasound and sam agrees to do a secret one. molly is then informed that ethan wandered off so she has to go find him.. apparently, he’s in the neanderthal exhibit and talks w/ a robot who informs him that neanderthals went extinct and mistakes him for a homo sapien..

john continues to talk up the humanichs w/ yasumoto as they both observe ethan being a simple carefree child.. meanwhile, molly tries to access video footage w/ ben’s help on a computer but after a couple mins, ben is ordered to terminate the session b4 she can see any more of what harmon was doing.. molly takes some lil contraption out so her medical info and whatnot can no longer be monitored. she rushes outside where harmon comes up in a car and has her get in. harmon tells her that he was accused of being schizophrenic and crazy, but that he’s not. the truth was, he saw someone on the mission he was on and that she did the same movements on him that the black man did w/ her.. it was supposedly his mom, but he’s sketched out and rushes to be back in the main area and that’s when he barricaded himself from her, but she appeared to him right beside him again. he rushes off to another area and she just keeps on following him, smiling a creepyass smile! he gets her confined to an area and has her sucked out into space..

molly tells him that they have the same abnormalities in their brain scans and that’s y they’re having these visions.. he tells her ‘we were the experiments!’ oyyy creepy! in the car, molly tells sam abt the discussion w/ harmon and whatnot, and they arrive at a animal place (idk if it’s a vet or shelter) but that’s where they do the ultrasound.. and molly sees a 14 wk human fetus…. sooooo this baby could appear human but obv be a completely diff being!!! so unless molly is the new virgin mary lol, i’m guessing the baby isn’t a real human baby.. there’s some kind of twist to what the baby actually is… that is just speculation so don’t quote me lol, but obv if i end up being right, then YES QUOTE ME lol! molly confronts her higher up and tells him how she’s pregnant, well i didn’t think she’d make him be the 1st she told, i thought she’d tell john lol… she’s suspicious that he somehow caused it but her boss swears they didn’t do anything to her.. he vows to find out how it happened, and she simply says ‘u were supposed to protect us’ b4 walking away..

the boss talks to yasumoto who says since molly is pregnant, there’s no doubt, ‘i think they’re already here’.. the boss says ‘we’re way out of our depth.. we had no plan for this’.. yasumoto says ‘we honored katie’s sacrifice’ and that it all started w/ the boss’ daughter?! hmmm yasumoto does a finger test that says he has 102 days of life left, then a hot woman comes in and wants his company… back at home, molly apologizes for being so late for dinner, and ethan shows her a pic of his worry abt extinction.. i really think that molly needs to tell john abt the pregnancy. it’s not like she cheated on him.. well, not on purpose anyway like an affair.. he’s going to find out sooner or later when she starts to show lol, and she’s already 14 wks, so it won’t be long! so unless she loses the baby, she’s gonna have to say something b4 it’s too late… but another intriguing epi from this cool show, at least now i have a better understanding of things compared to the pilot that left me in a pile of confusion lol..

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‘eternity’ epi of #PERCEPTION   Leave a comment

the epi starts w/ pierce doing a college lecture when his stepmother bursts in telling him how his dad made her leave him and everything, so he has his dad stay at his house since it’s not safe for him to stay home alone. kate comes to pierce’s house too and tells him of the murder of someone named landon jennings who pierce doesn’t know of, but lewicki does. kate and pierce’s dad meet officially and he calls her his ‘special lady friend’ lol! pierce and kate head to the crime scene, the cause of death was asphyxiation, fun.. they talk to his assistant basically, felix who informs them of the passed’s personality and quirks, as well as the daily schedule since the perp knew that he would be out getting a treat that jennings had him get every day. he explains he’d never hurt him, he cared deeply for him as a friend.. they speak to jennings’ ex wife and she tells him of their relationship and eventually struggles due to the project he was doing getting in the way. she didn’t know the code to get into the room, he’s likely changed it a bunch anyways.

one of his staff tells them that the project was abt immortality apparently, how ironic since he’s now dead tho. they are then shown a part of the works, a hologram image of jennings! they both get the chance to ‘talk’ to the hologram but pierce isn’t thrilled lol.. the hologram actually calls him an ‘arrogant prick’ and says they met in the past  where jennings approached him abt a project and pierce rejected him calling it ‘magical thinking’ lol. kate and pierce r still talking w/ ppl but lewicki calls saying pierce’s dad stripped naked and is chilling out on the couch lol! during dinner w/ lewicki and his dad, pierce has a hallucination of snowing in his dining room, he sees the alarm system and figures out the hologram is what broke into jennings’ room?!?!?!

apparently the hologram caused a liquid nitrogen leak w/ the ac system in jennings’ room and that’s how he died. so kate and pierce talk w/ the hologram, but the hologram doesn’t want to talk abt it, saying it was a ‘bad day’. btw, this is all reminding me the movie ‘i robot’ w/ will smith lol… any1 else?? while observing jennings perform as the hologram, pierce notices him doing this compulsive movement w/ his hand and figures out he has magnetic apraxia where the person compulsively grabs anything near them.. sounds like a form of OCD to me lol.. it’s a neurological disorder that are connected to many neurodegenerative disorders affecting the frontal lobe, plus it’s fatal.. and jennings was showing signs of it recently but got defensive anytime someone brought up his ‘deteriorating’ symptoms so no one brought it up during the investigation til now..

back at pierce’s, kate has the fun fortune of seeing his dad in all his glory butt nekkid on the stairs LOL.. pierce gets some insight from his buddy levar who tells him how he was the 1st to get a walkman back in the day and was happy abt technology, compared to now where he shuts it down and thinks it’s nonsense what jennings what aiming to do.. and levar leaves him w/ a lil tip, to get along w/ his dad better.. so at home, pierce gets a zillion pieces puzzle out on the table and wants his dad to join in and keep his mind sharp as possible. but it doesn’t go well cuz eventually, they get into an argument and he yells at pierce to call his mother who died 25 yrs ago :/// so he storms off…

kate and pierce confront the partner and tell him he’s the murderer but he denies it. but he quickly realizes his ‘gf’ had access to his laptop and that’s the only other way someone could do anything. she has no problem admitting it all and telling the story to kate  during the interrogation but denies having anything to do w/ a murder. while pierce is observing thru a screen, one of them changes and starts typing to him. ‘another dead end. what’s ur problem, pierce? too complex for u. u didn’t embrace computers when u had a chance. now we’re beyond ur reach.’ then it keeps repeating ‘pierce is obsolete’. kate quickly interrupts it all  and is told by kate there’s an emergency. he rushes him cuz apparently, his dad locked himself in the bathroom. but the door gets opened and he’s embarrassed to say he had an accident.  after, his dad says he wants to go to a facility elsewhere, he wants this to be his decision b4 it’s too late for him to do so anymore.. but ultimately, he helped pierce solve the case lol.

at the lab, pierce is able to break the code and he gets logged in.. pierce explains that jennings ultimately committed suicide by testing himself every day for over 200 days w/ his testing to log in, and once he messed up the log in, he rigged it all so that the liquid nitrogen would happen and he’d die. so they talk to the assistant again. at 1st, the assistant was so lonely cuz jennings didn’t spend time w/ him or anything, but then suddenly did and he treasured the friendship w/ jennings.. jennings told him how he had a fatal condition and asked him to help him die. apparently, jennings sent him out to get the treat at the same time every day so he could do the testing and if it failed, there was no stopping his dying. and pierce brings his dad to the facility…. it’s really too bad what happened w/ his dad and jennings.. both of their minds deteriorated and one committed suicide and the other committed himself to a facility :////

season premiere of #TEENMOM2!!!   4 comments

who else is extra glad that this show got brought back by MTV from their original decision to cancel it?! seems this is a last season tho so get prepped TM2 folks that it could be the last, unless MTV suddenly decides to have the show continue despite the kids’ ages… TM3 was an utter fail and the kids are too old in TM so this is all we got folks, til they decide to do TM4 lol… but i’ve really gotten attached to these 4 girls and their kids despite the girls making unfortunate choices lol.. i like talking abt them and sharing my opinions w/ the online world, plus the kids r just so dang cute, even jace w/ his bad boy road he’s heading on…

JENELLE: she’s still technically married to courtland and has to stay separated for a yr b4 a divorce can happen in NC apparently, hmmm i didn’t know that… she’s still w/ nathan and trying to spend time w/ jace who’s still w/ barbara.. her friend is back in her life so she came over to catch up on things.. jenelle goes for the ultrasound and they see the baby finding out the baby is a boy (kaiser) and both of them r thrilled… jenelle and nathan go to barbara’s to visit w/ jace and show the ultrasound pics, and she sees the [ding a ling lol] yelling out ‘oh boy!’ and jace is smiling.. they tell them they’re gonna name him ‘kaiser’ and barbara’s 1st reaction is it’s a beer lol! she tells barbara she wants to go back to school and be a medical technician?! wtf, when the hell has she ever shown interest in anything medical?! lol…

and gotta love nathan’s grammar ‘i can’t be away from another one of my childS’ (yes he really said that, c’mon, show u got more than a 2nd grade education! didn’t u?!) so nathan and jenelle go to a lil meeting to talk abt the consequences of their arrests and such. nathan is gonna be in jail for 30 days, she explains to him that he DID resist arrest and said he was a complete asshole, warning him that he needs to get himself fixed for jenelle and the baby’s sakes.. i don’t think he has a drinking problem per se despite this being his 3rd DUI, i think he has an immaturity problem and maybe some emotional/mental issues, he claims he’s some great guy who has it all together, but he keeps making dumbass mistakes in his life and relationship w/ jenelle (not saying she’s any better lol).. and can’t forget he’s not the smartest apple on the tree w/ his ‘childS’ comment earlier…


CHELSEA: aubree is seeing adam/family more cuz of the visitation agreement being on a short months long trial, chelsea got a house but is waiting to move in, and she’s trying to be an official aesthetician.. chelsea is happily talking abt the new house w/ her dad w/ aubree in the background. but when she goes outside, chelsea and randy get down to the nitty gritty talking abt adam’s crash (pretty bad if u didn’t hear abt it online, it was on fire and he barely got out alive, but is more or less totally fine). randy thinks he’ll be going to jail for it, randy touches on how he thinks aubree should be able to say ‘that’s my dad!’ abt adam rather than sulkingly saying ‘oh, that’s my dad’…

we see adam now and he explains what happened in the car accident, and is worried that chelsea told a bad version of the car accident to aubree.. meanwhile, his baby paislee is thriving and seems quite the happy baby.. chelsea gets something in the mail and turns out her license is being withheld cuz she helped her friend, landon w/ a wedding?! odd… but she rushes to meet up w/ him for lunch so they can talk abt it all .. hmm, she apparently performed an unlicensed aesthetician procedure and is now in trouble for it. she figures out that she did pass but it’s being withheld now so well, at least she did pass lol… chelsea vents to randy (as usual) abt what’s going on w/ her life..


KAILYN: jo comes over to kailyn and javi’s to pick up isaac but he’s having a hard time and doesn’t wanna go to jo’s new place. (for any1 that didn’t catch the TM’s ‘being dad’ special a lil while ago (u can read abt it in my blog), jo had moved into his own place w/ Vee and isaac was very upset abt it cuz he missed his grandparent’s house.. so clearly, depending on the timing, isaac’s feelings still haven’t changed.. [time for the sneek peek scene from the special the other day] kailyn tells javi that she has to go food shopping and he says ‘don’t take forever’ and it ends up being an argument over what they’ll each do w/ the kids to get things done.. and isaac tells her not to fight/yell.. he wants to spend time w/ isaac rather than taking care of his newborn baby? lol he just seems to be rejecting his own baby at this point and favoring isaac over lincoln or something cuz that was def a needless argument. considering how much he’s supposed to be away due to his career choice, u’d think he’d be savoring any moment w/ each child rather than trying to push off his own newborn baby on kailyn…

kailyn and javi are spending some time separately w/ each child (obv her w/ lincoln and javi w/ isaac), so kailyn’s friend comes over and she vents abt it all. she seems to be slightly regretting marrying javi since he’s not wanting to step up w/ his own son and be a parent to 2 kids now it seems.. kailyn and javi take the time to talk abt their fighting. he tells her that her attitude frustrates him  and how she says things bother him.. she says she doesn’t think he considers she’s w/ the kids all day.. he tells her that they could have the biggest fight and he’ll still love her and miss her later on.. she starts crying right when isaac comes in and she rushes to stop crying… been there, crying when u don’t want to in front of whoever..


LEAH: leah’s now working part time to help w/ bills, ali’s diagnosis and everything that goes w/ it is still very much a struggle in that they’re trying to find a home that’s more appropriate for her needs, etc. but besides that, the girls seem to be flourishing and enjoying their young lives, even tho leah seems to lose it w/ disciplining here and there.. WTH?!?!?! y r leah and jeremy in the adalynn’s crib w/ her?!!?! must be a damn strong crib to hold two adults and the baby! guess they’re not worried abt it collapsing and shit…. leah is talking to jeremy abt corey’s being less than enthused over ali’s wheelchair and they say bye to jeremy so he can go to work (he’s gotten a job that’s more fitting for their family’s needs since that was such a huge issue b4).  LOL @ leah explaining that aleeah and ali have corey as their dad, and adalynn has jeremy as her dad, cuz yeah mommy gets around lol jk..

corey and miranda talk abt ali’s feelings that she doesn’t think she’s strong cuz of her condition.. aleeah seems to cause a lot of discipline issues for leah, and she’s not the most mature w/ how she disciplines, just resorting to yelling and saying/doing spanking.. she’s so inconsistent, sometimes she can be so loving and motherly, and other times i wanna just throw stuff at the tv w/ the things she says/does.. she does have a tender moment w/ ali tho when she reminds ali that even tho she has MD, that she can do anything she wants..

so what did every1 think of the season premiere? these ladies are still continuing w/ the various dramas in their lives and i still got plenty to say abt it all lol.. keep on the lookout for my blogs for the epi’s cuz i’m sure this (last) season will be intense!

‘drive’ epi of #FINDINGCARTER   Leave a comment

ok i admit, i’m kinda glad i accidentally waited til only a couple days ago to do the blog for the 1st epi’s of this show from last wk lol, meant i didn’t have to wait as long for the next epi! cuz damn, this show has me hooked line and sinker! lol… anyway, let’s get on w/ it, right?!

so last epi, carter got messed up on drugs at a party, kissed gabe in front of taylor, and wound up in the hospital.. and worst of all, carter’s wonderful cool dad is apparently using her kidnapping/return for his own benefits w/ his book writing…. the epi starts w/ elizabeth and kyle talking abt the carter situation w/ gabe and carter each overhearing.. and gabe sneaks onto his dad’s laptop to take a pic of lori’s alias names… at the police station, carter is there and she’s making no secret of how she feels abt elizabeth w/ her coworkers lol. carter leaves and of course elizabeth stops her and informs her that there’s going to be a bunch of rules w/ carter such as curfew and whatnot. i’ll say, i’ve never had a curfew cuz i never went anywhere lol, but really, carter isn’t exactly a saintly teen. she drinks freely, she parties, does drugs to the point of landing in the hospital.. yes she’s having a hard time but she was doing some of this stuff b4 the kidnapping… but sadly, she isn’t exactly the only teen that does this stuff so at least the show is being more or less realistic.. but i do wish that shows would have teen characters who aren’t doing anything bad lol, but are still captivating and intriguing to watch anyways… give the young folks someone more positive and legal to look up to…

anyway, she’s hanging out w/ the new group of friends but quickly has to leave due to the new curfew. but the bad boy friend, crash, that was at the police station in hand cuffs w/ elizabeth earlier was encouraging her to cause trouble w/ elizabeth when she got home… sooooo she decides to bring home a bunch of the friends lol, of course, david takes on the cool dad role and elizabeth clearly uncomfortable, but she fakes being ok w/ it too… taylor is particularly annoyed that carter’s been allowed to have her friends over, but isn’t socializing w/ any of em cuz she’s too busy sitting on the stairs sulking.. gabe shows the friends the alias names while carter announces to the crash that she’s the one who was abducted….. yes, it’s an adjustment and not any level of fun, but it’s really not the worst thing in the world to be reunited w/ ur bio family after u’ve been kidnapped, and elizabeth is unsavory w/ her policing actions, but there’s worse parents out there.. i’m starting to feel like carter is bitching needlessly and doing the ‘woe is me’ routine.. anyway, elizabeth wants crash to leave so she asks lenient david to help stand by her on this.

doesn’t take long cuz david witnesses grant at the table w/ crash and grant’s holding a joint…. so david loses it and crash is kicked out, but carter starts making out w/ him b4 he leaves which gabe and every1 else (including max) happens to see too.. she’s just getting all kinds of slutty… i’m really starting to lose my sympathy for carter if  u haven’t noticed lol.. things have calmed down a bit and david/carter are shopping at a lil farmer’s market. he asked her what she was told by lori abt her father, she says lori told her he was a fling and whatnot, carter tells him how she’s ultimately glad to have finally met her dad.. david tells her he’s taking his time bringing them home cuz it’s less like a home… max does some bonding w/ taylor over making croutons and max makes a good impression on both taylor and elizabeth, to the point of both saying they like him. after he exits, elizabeth brings up the hope she now has of max and carter getting back together. sorry elizabeth, but carter’s too busy playing all the guys in her life!

w/ gabe and the others, carter helps w/ lori research and find a brand new address in hopes of going to see her tmrw.. but back at gabe’s home, he’s confronted by his dad  over the food court crappy trick, but he warns gabe to stay clear of carter cuz she’s not the most stable person and is constantly getting into trouble. at home, elizabeth arranges a fancy lil dining room table dinner for the whole family and max who’s now bonding w/ grant. but max is now being kicked aside by elizabeth, but carter steps in and announces he’ll stay in her room, but seems it was a trick by elizabeth and carter fell for it.. i guess she’s so wanting max w/ carter that she’s more than willing to have them sleep in the same room/bed! what a lovely mother move….

taylor explains to carter that their mom was tricking her abt max and carter tells taylor that she knows taylor likes max but of course taylor denies it.. meanwhile, david meets w/ toby abt the book and whatnot. he brings up the idea of doing a ‘finding carter’ novel but toby turns him down vigorously. crash tries to apologize to carter for showing grant how to do a joint and she accepts saying she’s not mad and they get in his car w/ gabe watching.. max does some more bonding w/ max over video games and they talk a bit abt carter’s love life and crash’s lying claim that he killed a guy when he was a kid. meanwhile, carter realizes that crash is being chased by the cops in the stolen car  and she makes him let her out while she watches the cop car race by her in pursuit of him. she immediately makes a call to david and says ‘i screwed up’. david says their secret is safe from elizabeth and she’s clearly relieved.. they arrive at home and she calls him ‘dad’ and thanks him b4 hugging him.. now if he goes thru w/ this book crap after this moment, i’ll be PISSED at him! but someone’s watching from afar their lil affectionate exchange and father and daughter and it’s none other than LORI!!!!!! and she’s PISSED herself!!!!!

so how does every1 feel abt this series? i’m finding carter to be distasteful personally, but she’s also a redeemable character in the moments like the ending scene w/ david so it’s hard to say if i hate her lol.. but i def wish she would make better choices, i’m hoping making crash let her out of the car is a step in the right direction but we’ll see!

‘death is not the end’ epi of #TRUEBLOOD   Leave a comment

last epi, after some major shooting and violence, vamps were exploded around sookie and alcide was shot dead along w/ other deaths. the epi starts w/ sookie calling alcide’s dad, jackson, telling him that alcide’s dead :///// at the same time, jason calls hoyt to tell him abt his mom dying too, but hoyt’s clueless on everything that’s happened in bon temps so that sure doesn’t make the convo any easier, he doesn’t even know jason.. sookie tries to get jason to be strong and man up.. sam comes in and they man themselves up.. pam and eric r on a plane to baton rouge but eric changes it to shreveport. eric seems stronger now but still very sick, drinking from a flight attendant’s inner thigh lol, but now she’s infected w/ the virus. we see a past flashback of them meeting up w/ the magister, who introduces them to the location that would become their lil club. apparently it was a video store back then that has a lovely adult video collection in the basement that’s currently holding the hostages lol..

sookie, sam, and jason arrive at holly’s house. sookie talks w/ arlene’s kids to remind them that their mom is strong and will do everything possible to get her back home. sookie is gonna try to get into her mind and see what she remembers. holly tells sookie, etc that the hep v vamps were feeding on her, she remembers the club fangtasia and sookie reveals who’s alive and not. andy holds a sobbing holly, awwwwwww :) i used to hate andy lol but this season and last, he’s really grown on me. i’m gonna miss him.. sam is driving him and jason to rosie’s to inform her of kevin’s death, but sam changes his mind and wants to save his family, but jason holds a gun to him to make him do what’s ‘right’. sam just gets outta the truck and has jason drive instead. meanwhile, jessica is weakened and hurting and not feeding, so james goes to get bill, sookie shows up and offers herself for jessica to feed from, claiming she trusts jess to control herself. sookie says they gotta get lafayette..

back in the past, pam is dealing w/ a vamp movie fan, ginger, who’s immediately taken aback by eric lol. she asks to start working there LOL.. i can imagine how that will go! sam and jason arrive at kevin’s so they can tell rosie abt him. she’s pretty hesitant, calling sam a freak, but allows them inside anyways and she cries in sam’s arms. sookie allows bill to feed from her, and lafayette arrives to talk to jessica. ginger has turned punkish but is still odd lol, she suggests to pam that they turn the place into fangtasia.. and apparently pam stole the idea from her, i thought she’d just kill her right then and there lol.

while the group gathers up to fight, eric and pam show up at bill’s.. eric and sookie hug but she sees the hep v after. eric is a bit caught up in sookie’s aura lol but pam reminds him they’re there for willa and she’s summoned while she’s drinking from a random fella. sookie and eric talk privately, she tells him ‘u can’t die on me’.. then she tells him alcide died and they were a couple. the group is getting ready to go, while willa shows up and is pissed at eric, he commands willa to wait. they all join together to go to fangtasia, sam sneaks in as a rat and tells them all what’s gonna be happening pretty soon. the group is outside and makes their way in thru the tunnel the magister told eric and pam abt in the past. pam and bill get in but arlene’s already been taken upstairs and they’re feeding on her.. they do get the other two out tho.. bill is hidden but eric bangs on the main entrance door and brings sookie w/ him, the hep v vamps obv r wanting to drink from her cuz of her fairy self. the rest of the group arrive upstairs thru the tunnel…

there’s bunches of shooting all around, killing, exploding, and even fire! vamps show up all over and they start the battle! sookie tries to get arlene’s attn, pam puts out the fire, jessica is nearly killed but bill saves her b4 bill can give arlene his blood.. arlene is pretty delirious, sookie hears arlene and terry talking in her mind and begs arlene to not listen to him.. sookie touches her and sees what arlene sees, she sees terry but he tells her she should stay and they say bye to each other, he tells her to ‘be happy’ as she’s being given blood by a clean vamp.  that was pretty touching, terry and arlene… but she’s back and ok as eric looks on at them hugging and quietly leaves… another intense epi from this ending show.. at least this time there weren’t any major deaths that were upsetting for me, but arlene’s would’ve upset me so i’m glad that she’s gonna be ok!

‘buddy’s winter bbq’ epi of #NGB (#nextgreatbaker)!   Leave a comment

the teams are introduced to a poundcake treat from carrabba’s and are assigned to do a poundcake treat themselves and the winning one will be served at carrabba’s all over the US. i’ve never been to carrabba’s personally but it sounds like a nice place to eat.. hmm i wonder if it’s here in az… lol.. hmm, they’re in az but not technically phx, that figures.. well if i ever see it near wherever i am, i’ll give it a shot lol :) … anyway, red is doing some pineapple w/ theirs, and they’re kinda the underdogs of the competition. carrabba’s guy, damien is helping buddy judge and taste.. black did poundcake w/ strawberries, raspberries, etc. and get ‘great job’ compliments. purple did some whipped cream w/ fruit but buddy doesn’t like the raspberries too much. brown used marscapone and whatnot but damien says it’s dry and so does buddy. brown is pissed cuz black took their balsamic vinegar lol. maroon is next and kai is oddly excited lol. they included rum pineapple honey  but it’s not working for the judges, so that excitement quickly downfalls. blue is next and did a pineapple upside down cake so to speak, damien enjoys it and buddy says it’s nice but presentation could’ve been better. summer napoleon from the tan team and it works out for em. red is next and buddy likes the plating at least, both are thrilled :)..red team wins!

the teams find out from buddy that he’s having a BBQ  and they’re assigned the task of making a hamburger cake (4ft) or hot dog (6ft)  cake so the teams are created mixing some colors. the winner will get $5,000 and free meals at carrabbas lol, nice winning prize if i do say so myself :) uhhhh ‘ants’ on the food cake?!!?!?! HELLLLL NOOOO!! i wouldn’t even think it’s a funny joke! i do think that the hot dog is the easier choice to do tho, so since it’s so easy, u need to really step it up to make it THAT much better! seeing the ant on the burger DOES NOT make it look appealing to me! i’m voting for the hot dog! i think the hardest part of being in the bakery business is carrying/delivering the items! as we know from ‘cake boss’ and other shows/businesses, SHIT HAPPENS lol, cakes fall apart, fall down, they’re too heavy/big so they don’t even make it to the event lol.

bobbie is impressed w/ the burger cake, jacques likes it too and thinks the teamwork must’ve been great. i don’t agree w/ damien and buddy tho, both r  ok w/ the ants on it?!?!!? mauro says the color is a bit off, frankie wants to dive in and eat lol, and sister lisa likes it too. all the judges minus jacques are enjoying the hot dog cake, jacques doesn’t get y he should judge a hot dog cake when he’s french lol.. buddy compliments both teams that each cake could’ve easily been from carlo’s :) WOW, both teams r safe, both teams did winning cakes! i wasn’t expecting that.. like i said, i was voting for the hot dog cake lol, the ants on the burger cake were uncalled for and make it very gross to me! but next is figuring out who is the MVP, so buddy tells the teams to say who they think did the best. annnnd jose wins! he’ll be enjoying carrabba’s cooking every damn day if he so chooses lol.

lol next epi, freddy kruegger comes to visit LOL

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[btw, this is my *300th* post!! holy shit! :))))) i'm so thankful for every1 who comes to my blog thru email following, search engines, social media, etc.. thx sooo much to the readers, every last 1 of u!!! i'm well on my way to being a famous tv blogger one day thx to all of u! :))))]

alright onto business lol… last epi, angelo was in a car accident and and it’s baaaaad, he actually looked dead… ://// the epi starts 15 yrs ago w/ regina being confronted by angelo who thinks she cheated on him and that daphne isn’t his.. well we all know how this went, she gets mad right back and tells him to leave so he does.. FF to the present, regina is clearly upset in the hospital waiting room. daphne says he’s still in surgery.. considering all the progress he made b4 he got mad and stormed off, i do hope that he’s ok, he was doing so well esp w/ daphne! the kennishs arrive and regina fills them in. they get filled in on his condition by the doctor and says they won’t know anything for a couple days.. 2 at a time can go see him, but regina and the girls go in together.. he’s unconscious and hooked to tubes, etc.. regina squeezes his hand and he opens his eyes barely..

the doctor fills them in on his brain’s condition and figures out that daphne is aiming to be pre med lol. regina encourages her to go to the SAT test tho. but toby comes in and tells regina the police want to talk to her… daphne asks toby for updates on angelo b4 she leaves.. regina’s asked what happened and if there’s any possible reason for his mind state when the car crashed, but she doesn’t tell a word abt the argument they had. john does tell the cop tho that suicide and angelo don’t mix but the cop isn’t so sure.. at the exam, daphne gets her phone taken away despite the family emergency situation.. personally, i think that daphne should’ve asked if the test monitor could just keep an eye on the texts on her behalf.. it’s not an invasion of privacy if daphne gives her permission… b4 the test can really even start tho, daphne notices the phone going off cuz of a msg, and she is eliminated from the test but it doesn’t matter cuz she runs out anyway…. at the hospital, bay is by angelo’s side and his hand squeezes hers alarmingly, right b4 the alarm goes off abt his CPP (w/e that is.. sorry i’m no doctor to keep up w/ medical terms..) immediately the medical staff rushes in and looks like he’ll have to have emergency surgery.

bay decides to help angelo by donating blood but she’s starts to get woozy lol.. and now we’re seeing the potential future where she’s giving birth and angelo is the one trying to keep her calm and teach her lamaze LOL, saying he was w/ regina when bay was born.. wow, and she’s having twins in this.. angelo talks to her in french :) i love all the diversity of this show, i swear! it’s so great! we have ASL, spanish, now french :) LOL but b4 we can see who bay’s baby daddy is, the flash future bit ends.. but we see emmett by bay’s side, guess that’s the answer! bay fills in daphne, who feels guilty for leaving, and bay goes off on her for doing so. but daphne is clearly upset by what she saw the doctor said… angelo is braindead?!?!!?!? awwwwwww ://///////

the doctor informs them all that angelo is brain dead but regina refuses to comprehend it. the doctor tells them the most humane thing they can do is remove the life support and let him go.. daphne runs after the doctor and wants an explanation.. the doctor brings up the option of organ donation, so that parts of him will still ‘live on’ even tho he’s technically gone.. i had to get my license again cuz of the new address (my license was 2 addresses old lol) and i stupidly checked off that i wanted to be an organ donor.. not that i don’t want to contribute to the well being of others, but i really don’t think my organs/body parts are healthy enuf to be considered viable parts for anyone. john talks to kathryn abt how much $$$ angelo was in trouble for, and wondered if angelo could’ve committed suicide over it. he reveals his inner thought that angelo deserved to be broke… he feels guilty for thinking this and kathryn simply comforts him saying ‘ur human.’ angelo’s definitely done some unsavory things in the past and even when he argued w/ regina b4 storming off, but idk if any of it was worth wishing badly of him..

bay goes off on daphne abt her suggestion they do organ donation and she storms off b4 telling daphne ‘he’s not even ur dad!’ these two so rarely catch a break and are nice to each other, much like their mothers lol. it’s hard to say who is ‘right…’ emmett goes w/ bay to angelo’s apt in hopes of finding a phone # for angelo’s mom. emmett seems to think similarly to daphne tho which sure doesn’t make bay feel any better.. time for daphne’s flash future bit, it’s daphne’s wedding day and omgosh she looks amazing!! angelo is quite impressed and taken aback.. he’s signing and talking a bit of french w/ her :) and apparently, she did succeed in becoming a doctor in this bit. both john and angelo were gonna walk her down the aisle… :/// while bay finds the phone #, emmett finds his will :////

regina is still upset and goes off on john thinking he was happy abt this all along and he gets to be the only father to daphne and bay.. can’t say that she’s totally wrong, considering what john was thinking earlier…. but obv regina is guilt stricken by the argument her and angelo had b4 the accident… bay of course doesn’t want to see the will but emmett points out the obv.. bay reads for herself that angelo didn’t want to be on life support or anything.. bay wants to pretend they never saw it and throws the will.. she tells emmett her guilt for not spending time w/ him and such even tho he was so close by.. kathryn goes to see regina and regina apologizes for yelling at john, kathryn forgives her on his behalf, and regina tells her abt the argument she had w/ him b4 he took off in his car.

daphne and the doctor talk, she still tries to have hope abt angelo’s brain but he shows her various images and explains the details of his assessment. i have to say i really do like this doctor. he’s precise, extremely smart, and even better he show compassion in a technical voice type of way lol.. bay and emmett show up and the girls and regina process how to deal w/ angelo’s wishes. daphne brings up organ donation and moments later, regina agrees but says they need to say goodbye.. i really can’t believe this is happening.. isn’t this the 1st death in the show (am i wrong?) ?? :///// the organ donation person tells them that this will save potentially 50 lives, a good portion of his body was usable, but the woman informs them he had a brain aneurysm?? and that’s likely the reason he crashed the car… the doctor didn’t see this in other scans cuz of bleeding blocking the view of it. the woman informs them that it’s possible that he was extremely angry and that could’ve caused the aneurysm. regina finally gives the OK.

bay calls her grandmother, at 1st in french, then english lol.. she finds out that angelo had told his mother abt bay :) bay goes into the hospital room so his mom can talk to angelo w/ daphne and bay crying beside him. regina has a flash back where they still have the argument in the past, but she runs to the elevator to catch him and they make up instead of what really happened ://// soon, the staff are taking apart all the machines and tubes and wheel him away… the kennish’s eventually walk out of the room, leaving daphne and regina.. daphne is FUMING but regina asks if she’s ok anyway, daphne pissingly tells her ‘this is all ur fault!!!!’ once again, regina is in the dog house!! and of course, it’s soooo sad that angelo is gone now :////// i know how it is to lose a father, so i can relate on that level ://// the show’s promos were right, u do not want to miss this one!!!


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this show’s pilot starts in an airplane.. one particular ‘rock star’ wannabe gives the stewardess a hard time, a young girl (unaccompanied minor) is very sweet and winning my heart already w/ her foreign language-speaking soft voice :). in the back, the other flight attendant warns her abt a weird noise from beneath them. they bend down to feel it moving and u just know this isn’t going to end well for them lol. she opens it but hears nothing, but secs later, the thing breaks thru and it’s some BIG demony thing! air traffic control is monitoring the flights and whatnot, but can’t reach this airplane, then sees it as stopped. he tells his boss abt it, 210 ppl r on board the plane. they walk up to the plane and see there’s no active-ness on the plane, the plane is cold, ‘like a dead animal’ the boss, bishop says… he’s particularly suspicious and creeped out by it all. the joe schmoe notices that 1 window shade is open, bishop tells him to alert all the organizations saying ‘we’ve got ourselves a dead airplane’ CREEPY! i hardly even know what this show is abt honestly, but the previews intrigued me enuf that i was curious and gave it a shot despite not realizing what it’s really abt lol.. i just nonchalantly paid attn to the previews, not really absorbing any true substance abt the show… but despite being clueless, these 1st few mins have managed to grab my ass lol…

a man, ephraim approaches his lil boy, zach and asks for good luck lol. he goes to a lil meeting w/ 2 women. apparently it’s abt a custody meeting over his son w/ his ex and the custody person. he always lets his work be in charge of his life, he’s an epidemiologist. the ex explains that her current partner is there for her and their son.. despite his claims that he’ll be a present person in his family’s life, he keeps getting paged abt the plane situation, so finally the ex tells him to go. he’s quickly informed abt the plane situation and outside he sees a parking ticket, informed abt it by the current partner, matt.. lovely and SO not awkward lol… eph arrives at the dead airplane and is updated on the status of it all.. lol eph harshly explains how viruses spread to the men. w/ my OCD, i can kinda appreciate his lecture despite the attitude behind it.

in a lil pawn shoppish place, a young man tries to exchange something but then tries to steal nearby $$$ and the owner IS NOT having it LOL.. pretty surprising to see from an older man like him lol, but pretty soon, he hears on the tv abt the plane, he goes into a secret space behind a trick wall, grabs a very interesting sword, and he talks to ‘something’ in femeldehyde? saying ‘he’s back… this time, i cannot fail’ and holy shit, the thing starts moving!!! ewwww!! he opens the jar to feed it a couple drops of his blood.. and the thing eats up, how fucking nasty!!! meanwhile, eph and a woman who he apparently had an affair w/(!) get geared up to go into the dead airplane, then do, seeing all the passengers in the seats are very dead.

awwww even the lil girl i was admiring is frozen dead :///// eph takes off her earphones to more closely examine her.. it’s soooo creepy her eyes, she’s just looking straight up.. eph says ‘it’s almost peaceful’ their appearances despite being very dead :/// the woman does a black light thingy and sees all kinds of blotches every where, figuring it’s the ammonia they’re detecting. WHOA, one of the dead guy’s hands just flinched!! u know that’s not gonna go well! they make their way to the compartment where the scary noise and whatnot were coming from, it’s very much open w/ all kinds of blotches all around it :/// eph takes some footage of the down below area b4 entering fully, and it’s NOT looking good smh.. the woman gets into the cockpit but sean astin lol is warning her to get outta there. she examines the pilots and even moves him… suddenly, all the ppl gasp for air and ‘wake up’!!!! eph thinks they’re ‘survivors’ but are they?!?!?!

the bodies are all removed and brought to a place as a mass casualty morgue situation while the ‘survivors’ are brought to an isolated part of a hospital. the survivors are all being a slight hassle in their isolation bubbles.. eph and the ppl find a huge box w/ soil and a locking latch inside it, confusing them.. meanwhile, eph’s family sees some of the news and lil zach texts eph asking if he’s ok, awwww :) while sealing up the huge soil box, a man who’s not geared up in the proper safety attire but is right next to it, he starts hearing a humming noise and can’t figure it out, but he ultimately walks up to this big blob on the floor that ends up taking form and sucks the blood out of him, breaks his neck, and then SMASHES his head to BITS! DISGUSTING! i literally was calling out ‘eww eww eww’ the whole time watching this! then the damn thing scurries off into the distance! gosh, what a horrible way to die, esp since he was lured there by a damn humming in his head!!

over in harlem, a tough guy is hanging out w/ friends lol, and is approached by a tight lipped white guy who gives him an assignment to go to the airport and whatnot, everything’s all set up for him already.. but he turns him down cuz he doesn’t wanna go back to prison.. but the white guy lures him offering legal woes to be over for his family. and i’ll just say this, FX channel is pretty liberal w/ the language lol.. at jfk airport, the old pawn shop man shows up to the chaos of loved ones worried abt the passengers… he gets sean astin’s attn and tells him he needs to get on the plane. meanwhile, eph does a spontaneous press thing w/ reporters and upset loved ones in the crowd to explain a bit abt what’s going on. but suddenly a man slaps him and is upset abt his young daughter, looks like the one i liked ://///

the autopsies start and they find out there were incisions so thin that no existing instrument/tool could do that. the examiner slits the wrist and whiteish bubbles/liquid pops up, gross! finally, pawn shop man and eph meet saying that the proper precautions aren’t being taken to properly handle this outbreak and that he’s dealt w/ this b4.. but they dismiss him as crazy and have him taken away. and sean astin, jim, takes a peek at the special sword.. how the hell did he get that thru security?! eph and nora do some more investigating and find a WEIRD worm all on it’s lonesome.. and some other thing that i can’t explain lol. they rush to the big soil box only to see that it’s gone. they watch some video footage and see it disappear into thin air?! they also manage to see a blobby form ‘take’ it.. the harlem guy gets into the van and sees the big box already in there, he’s confused a bit but drives off anyway.. eph calls jim and tells him that they have to stop all large vehicles cuz it’ll escape w/ the big box.. so i wonder how far harlem guy is gonna get!

he’s prepared tho w/ a gun by his side and all the paperwork needed, but the search dog starts the barking, so the harlem man jumps to an attitude w/ them.. jim comes along b4 harlem guy gets outta the van and grants him access to pass, seems it’s some bribe that jim had to do?! the examiner is taking apart the bodies and discovers the organs become independent from the bodies? he puts one heart into the scale to weigh it and it starts moving and such w/ the lil worms and whatnot, he rushes to take off his gloves but it’s too late, the worm seeps into his palm! he rushes to get it out and succeeds but it doesn’t even matter cuz all the bodies have risen and attack him!!! FUCKING GROSS! speaking of worms, eph looks at the box of 1 worm from b4 and now there’s multiple ones! ugh, i’ve never thought worms were soooo gross til this show! hmmm the pawn shop man is stuck in a group jail and one of the inmates notices a tat of #s on his arm, i wonder what they mean!!

well, the harlem guy is making his way across the bridge, damn… the man who lost his daughter arrives at home and is clearly numb to the events of the day :/// pretty soon he starts crying, but hears the window being tapped.. and who’s there?! EMMA, his daughter!! she tells him ‘i’m cold’ and she’s SO clearly DEAD and a zombie!! creepy!!! she just keeps telling him she’s cold, he hugs her regardless of her deadness, well clearly she’s dead cuz he straight up looked right at her face and everything, but he’s so grief stricken, he doesn’t even care and loves her anyway… i’m kinda expecting her to kill him now……. but she doesn’t?! well, that’s good i guess, it’s always so disturbing when children are made into evil beings! i’d rather see her as an innocent child still.. ok an innocent VERY DEAD zombie child! LOL… so what did every1 think of this pilot and the series in general? do u have high hopes for it? r u confused as hell like me? and ugh, like i said, i’ll never see worms in the same way again, these ones are so gross and squiggly! and of course, that scene w/ the guy getting killed by the blobby thing was intense to watch! GROSS GROSS and did  i mention FUCKING GROSS?! lol..

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epi 1: ‘pilot’ – this is kinda late lol, i forgot abt it and it got lost in the dvr getting full w/ other stuff lol… the epi starts w/ a teen and mother at a frozen yogurt spot, then she’s set free to go hang out w/ friends (including a recent ex bf), they get on a merry go round by breaking and entering  lol (the ex bf tells her he wants her any way he can have her lol ie. friends w/ benefits), and of course wind up in teen jail.. but they’re quickly released cuz their parents got em out of course… well, the rest of them did, but not the teen girl, carter. instead she’s questioned/informed by a woman, from CPS abt some parts of her life she didn’t know…. the woman tells carter that her mom’s and hers are not real names. and that when she was 3, she was abducted and is actually from another state, the woman claiming to be her mom is actually her kidnapper. she tells carter she’ll be able to go home, but it’ll be a ‘different home’ and ‘different mother’!

man, what a mind fuck! i admit, i was intrigued by this show in the MTV previews and i’m kinda surprised that MTV chose to do this show w/ this as the plot… pretty diff from it’s ‘real world’ and everything else.. idk i guess i just thought this subject material would be too serious for MTV’s tastes lol… but regardless, it’s starting out great and i’m very pulled into the story! [so i just looked up the actress who plays carter, and apparently she's english, and she has a twin sister too lol.. i swear she looks so familiar, but i looked at her past works and nothing is familiar to me so idk, maybe she just has one of those faces lol] anyway, another woman comes in for questioning carter while the 1st is asking if she knows any linden.. they show her a pic from when she was a child, that she doesn’t recognize.. they show her how the fingerprints from then and now r identical, etc but carter still doesn’t wanna believe it.. the women tell her that her bio parents r there and want to see her. they burst in calling her ‘linden’. (btw, it’s GREAT to see alexis denisof from ‘buffy,’ ‘angel’!!!!) they tell her she has a twin sister, etc but piss off carter by calling her ‘mom’ a ‘monster.’ they see a pic of lori and announce ‘we know her’! it just got worse!

we see flashes of carter’s happy life w/ lori. in the car, bio mom, elizabeth is revealed to be a detective and is ranting on the phone abt all the steps she wants done in getting lori caught and punished. bio dad, david explains that lori did hospice care for a neighbor and that’s how they knew her. lori had admired the family and girls for that time.. carter asks them to call her ‘carter’ instead of ‘linden’.. they arrive at the house and there’s a mess of pappz, how fun. david’s literary agent, toby is outside w/ them and claims he didn’t cause this lol.. carter walks in and is immediately hugged by her grandpa, she calls him ‘papa’ sentimentally. wow, meredith baxter is the grandma lol (‘family ties’ any1? :) ). she also meets her siblings on the side, grant calls himself ‘the replacement child’ and her twin sister, taylor. carter hears how her dad wrote a book ‘losing linden’. how awkward… privately, toby reminds david abt some costs he has to repay and wants him to take advantage of this experience getting his daughter back after thinking she was gone forever.

elizabeth gives carter permission to take off in her car so of course she does it, but what carter doesn’t realize is that the car is being tracked so they’ll know where she goes and whatnot. hoping to get to know her better and i figure find lori.. but carter goes to meet up w/ the ex, max. she talks to him a bit abt what’s going on, telling him how she doesn’t know or remember these ppl, but she feels like she does. she does share too that she can’t stand elizabeth, well that’ll help their relationship lol.. while carter is cuddling a bit w/ max, max notices the guy surveilling them and calls out to him, saying that her mom will find him! lol.. oh if only she knew that her mom is the one who set it up lol! regardless, she tells elizabeth, taylor, and david abt the surveilling guy and elizabeth plays it cool.

carter asks to get a job at ‘brain freeze’ and also has her sister taylor go w/ her to a young pplz party, considering she’s only been to parties that had goody bags lol.. she’s being scandalized and rebelled as we speak, surrounded by drinking, etc! she socializes w/ her friend gabe and tells her pov on the whole carter thing. telling him how diff their lives were, she was beyond sheltered and protected while carter got to live a party life basically, so she vows to ‘make up for lost time’. in the car, carter and gabe are talking a bit, and he leans in to kiss her but carter stops it telling him ‘i can’t do that to taylor’ and tells him that taylor is into him, but he just thinks they’re friends lol.. but they’re quickly interrupted by elizabeth and david, she literally shines a flashlight in her face! and they bring very messed up taylor inside.. wow, he was going to make out w/ carter w/ taylor passed out in the backseat, how classy!

elizabeth warns her to not pass her ‘bad habits’ onto taylor, and carter challenges her to name 1 thing she likes abt her, or even 1 thing she knows abt her. carter tells her how lori told her every day that she loved carter, but that she hasn’t heard elizabeth say it ever to any1… grant gives carter some insight into elizabeth’s personality. she lost it from losing linden/carter, and the replacement child, grant being 10 wks premature and nearly dying. at her new job, carter is bombarded by various ‘fans’ lol, and david/grant come in to join in on the fun. grant reveals to david that she’s secretly doing all this to send a msg to lori. david admits they need to pay more attn to him… what an odd thing to say to ur son… so david calls elizabeth, but meanwhile, elizabeth goes to meet w/ the surveilling guy, kyle and clearly, they’ve been intimate!!! he goes in to kiss her but she stops it. he tells her he loves her, she says she was going to leave david but can’t now. WOW, what a lovely loyal mom/wife she is… i can’t stand when ppl wanna act superior to the bad apples of the world, but they’re doing scandalous crap themselves! doesn’t get more hypocritical than that…

in the bdrm, david advises elizabeth to not arrest lori herself and shows her the pic of david/carter at the ‘brain freeze’. he tells her ‘it’s ok to not be strong all the time’ and they hug. i must say, he’s really a great husband so far lol.. taylor and gabe meet up, she’s dressed a lil more relaxed and he says how much he wants to date  carter, clearly ignoring taylor’s uncomfortableness abt it all, the worst part of the friendzone.. the damn gabe is so oblivious and selfish, and taylor takes off upset, w/ gabe STILL not getting it! still at work, a woman shows up wearing a wig and doesn’t say much (it’s lori). she gives her a money bill that says ‘love u more’ and carter says ‘not possible’ like their routine.. but secs later, the police show up, carter gets lori into an outfit so she can sneak out and lori actually walks right by elizabeth thru the door! LOL.. also there is the surveilling guy who happens to be gabe’s DAD! carter immediately figures out that elizabeth had her followed and whatnot. carter finally reveals that lori was there and rubs it in that she risked her life to see carter for 5 secs to tell her she loved her. and carter walks out…. i gotta admit, lori is looking more and more like the much better mom in general, despite the kidnapping bit…


epi 2: ‘the birds’ – while out partying, carter is w/ both gabe, max, and taylor.. she’s clearly high and messed up so she kisses gabe right in front of taylor and of course taylor is pissed.. but b4 much can happen, carter passes out… days earlier::: at this point, elizabeth is frustrated w/ carter, taylor wants the world to stop revolving around carter, david is being positive and says to say this in family therapy, and grant says he’s happy she’s around. she takes the car keys to piss off elizabeth of course and gives them a ride to school lol.. in class, carter starts having very heavy breathing and a possible panic attack so gabe escorts her out  buuuut, she was faking it… while walking out of school, taylor sees gabe and carter walking together and whatnot and gives some dirty looks…  a bit later, carter sees some betting/gambling going on abt when lori will be arrested and whatnot.

carter makes friends w/ ‘bird’ and ‘oef’ and they all hang out and find a way to do a FBI sting so it looks like lori and carter r communicating secretly (using burner phones). carter skips out on the family therapy and the next day, elizabeth interrogates her abt taking the car the day b4, and carter shows her the foam middle finger lol.. LOL i love how david says carter was being ‘responsible’ after carter had just said she got a lil drunk and whatnot.. i guess they’re ignoring that she was underage drinking AGAIN and it’s basically a hobby of hers…. kyle informs elizabeth abt how carter and lori have been secretly talking.. max is brought in for questioning. idk y, it’s not like he’s a reliable source… he tells elizabeth how he likes lori… max comes home w/ elizabeth and carter is thrilled to see him, but quickly figures out that it’s a set up.

grant goes into carter’s bdrm closet and isn’t happy to see the backpack that elizabeth referred to in family therapy. at work, elizabeth is informed of the ‘code’ used in the msgs btwn carter and lori thru the burner phones, the 1st word of each msg put together reveals when and where to meet up… elizabeth of course, insists that she be in on this but her bosses say no.. elizabeth shows up at the school and taylor tells her how carter has every1 thinking she has PTSD and she gets out of classes.. elizabeth rushes home and no backpack in the closet, so she rushes out again while carter was just in the other room and is eating an apple LOL.. the police and elizabeth show up at the food court and are looking thru the crowds, the friends are all there too and set off a signal so every1 shows a bunch of foam middle fingers LOL.. and the boss is pissed at the lil set up joke! elizabeth has to admit that she deserved it…

back at home, carter shows max the footage of elizabeth at the food court and tries to point out that elizabeth looks really sad. but carter explains to him that she loves lori who’s been a good mom to her, and that elizabeth is the bad one who doesn’t care abt carter’s feelings ultimately since she so badly wants to get lori punished. max explains that elizabeth only asked him abt carter, nothing abt lori… back in family therapy, carter is there this time but taylor is pissed to be second hand and just the sister of carter. carter says that she feels like an outcast and black sheep and on display, grant says he feels similar except that he’s not seen/acknowledged, elizabeth doesn’t like feeling like they’re bad parents, and carter points out that david is not a bad parent… carter explains to the therapist that elizabeth will never be her ‘mother’ cuz she’s the one hunting down her ‘mother’ lori.

back at home, grant tells carter abt the therapy session b4 where elizabeth talked to the empty chair and how she’s worried that carter won’t be there at home.. grant asks if her worry is legit and mentions that the backpack is gone. so carter vows that elizabeth has done nothing but push her away and has officially pissed her off. carter goes to hang out w/ the new friends and oef offers her ‘molly’ drug??? [i just looked it up cuz i know NOTHING abt drugs, and it's a nickname for ecstacy i guess??] so now we know y carter is high as hell at this party from the 1st scene of the epi… next thing we know, carter is in the hospital bed. elizabeth gently gives her a squeaky elephant stuffed animal.. and she goes to sleep w/ it on the bed, nice 1st step??? later on, grant reveals to her that he is the one who took her backpack cuz he didn’t want her to take off, but that he doesn’t want her to die either.. he understands she’s not happy there and gives her the backpack, asking her to call him… david meets w/ toby and wow, he’s fully taking advantage of the kidnapping and everything and using it for profit to get his book done!!! he pulls out his phone that has the latest family session audio recorded!!!

ugh well, i knew david was too good to be true! but i genuinely thought he was better than this! well, i’ll say this show def kept my attn way better than most MTV scripted pilots, only other one i like is ‘awkward’ (the pilot, and i just kinda put up w/ the rest lol). but i’ll say, this show was pretty impressive in keeping my attn and being really well written IMO. it’s real, emotional, drama, a bit of suspense, some twists and turns… all making for a great series! so i hope the rest of the epi’s r as great or better than these 1st 2 epi’s! but a great start IMO!

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so we’re getting a couple treats b4 the season premiere this week for ‘teen mom 2′. originally this show was cancelled, but MTV changed their minds and decided to continue it cuz the ratings were just that great lol.. so they’re also treating us viewers to a couple lil specials to get us geared up for the season premiere and i’m thrilled. 1st up is the ‘season 5B catch up special’ which is basically just a recap of what’s happened in these girls’ lives from the get go, and also ‘toddler moments’ where they each reflect on their life and experiences.. i’m personally hoping that there will be unseen footage or something of the kids and that’s y it’s called ‘toddler moments’ lol…

1st epi: ‘season 5B catch up special’ – so each of the girls tell their life history since being on ’16 and pregnant’ then their time on ‘teen mom 2′. so nothing new there lol. but it’s still a nice lil refresher for those who don’t know abt this stuff. oooo and we’re getting sneak peeks of the new season which is nice.. LOL apparently, jace pushed his young cousin and barbara got mad at him for it, but jenelle and barbara now fight abt how each of them know jace better.. well, i never thought that barbara was a good parent/guardian lol, but at least she’s doing some form of discipline w/ jace (but yes she could do something more positive and effective than just yelling lol, clearly the yelling isn’t working in making him stop) and recognizing that his violent tendencies are not acceptable behavior… whereas jenelle is acting like it’s ok that he’s kicking other kids in the head?! jenelle’s always had a few screws loose but gosh i hope she does better w/ baby kaiser! as for barbara, my personal opinion is that she should be consistent in her discipline and change it to actively telling him it’s not ok to do ____ and give him a consequence for doing ___. idk if that means a time out or w/e (sometimes time out’s don’t work w/ some kids) in jace’s case. i don’t think physical discipline is the answer tho, how can u teach a child that physicalness is not ok when ur doing it to him? u know? but i think time out could be effective w/ him or at least taking away a fave toy, etc. and obv barbara and jenelle need to stop fucking fighting in front of him and of course the swearing! we already know from last season that he’s got quite the potty mouth at his tender age of 4…

2nd sneak peek: chelsea tells her dad randy abt how her ex, adam was arrested for driving w/ a revoked license. apparently, he had visitation w/ aubree that wkend but his parents didn’t inform chelsea abt it lol. and apparently, his mom went off on chelsea for wanting to know this info saying she didn’t need to know etc. gosh, i still can’t take her seriously w/ her hair being a huge mess like that… geez, i mean i don’t expect any1 to get plastic surgery if they’re gonna be on tv lol, but u could at least make urself look presentable esp considering ur career is appearances-related (aesthetician)… we’re recapped on chelsea finding out that adam wanted more time w/ aubree and chelsea talking w/ randy abt how she worries she caused her daughter to have a shit-dad. well, yeah, a lot of ppl should consider this lil factor b4 they have sex w/ others… just saying…

3rd sneak peek: w/ kailyn, she’s at home w/ javi and her boys and it gets tense cuz javi makes a comment to her that she shouldn’t take forever giving isaac a bath.. then some grocery shopping w/ the baby is discussed a bit.. idk it’s all needless arguing to me, in front of their young kids on top of it.. even isaac is smart enuf to tell them to not fight/yell!

4th sneak peek: in the car, leah and jeremy get into a screaming match over bills and spending $. he thinks she’s wasting $ spending it on dumb stuff, and she thinks that the bills r being paid and fine, plus what she’s buying is so she can get a job and earn $ too… many ppl online r on jeremy’s side, that at least he’s working his ass off to provide for this family and they think leah is just a whiny bitch for complaining abt his being gone so much for work… so tell me, what do y’all think of this particular argument? is leah still being a whiny bitch? or is jeremy being the control freak that leah said he was?


epi 2: ‘toddler moments’ – so this special is supposed to focus more on the kids, even having them in the intro instead of their moms lol.. the kids are all there playing w/ various toys on the stage while the ladies talk abt various things.. i admit, i’m kinda wondering if jace will try to hurt one of the other kids! am i mean for that? i don’t think so lol, i think i’m just being realistic lol.. obv i’d hope that he’s no longer being violent but i honestly just see him continuing down this bad boy road… the 1st clip is kailyn wanting isaac to eat his food, but he says she’s being mean and whatnot lol… 2nd clip is jace in the car w/ barbara and jenelle, and he says ‘fuck’, then to clarify he says ‘i didn’t say jerk, i said fuck’ LOL! so they threaten him w/ soap in the mouth… but they’re in the car so it’s clearly an empty threat and obv he’s not gonna learn anything from this lol. but he does say he doesn’t wanna get soap in his mouth lol.. 3rd clip is jeremy folding laundry w/ the girls and he tells them they’re gonna sell the house but the girls protest and don’t want that LOL… 4th clip is aubree being a difficult child to wake up and get her outta bed so chelsea’s mom does it while chelsea  does her hair (love those priorities *rolls eyes). it’s so ironic to me that chelsea’s hair looks a MESS so often in the show, but she has no problem taking the time to do her hair and make up instead of doing simple mother things like waking up her daughter (regardless of how frustrating it may be).

now they talk abt their kids being ‘geniuses’ lol, does any1 think that jenelle is not as informed abt jace as she acts like she is? i mean, jace spends how much time w/ her vs barbara? i’d like to think she’s picked up on his developing personality and quirks tho so  i do hope i’m wrong! kailyn is talking to isaac abt going to school. and she tells him they’re gonna learn abt what they wanna be when they grow up.. and isaac says the classic ‘peter pan’ line of ‘i don’t wanna grow up’ LOL. i picture isaac playing peter pan at least 1x in his school life or even as a job when he’s all grown up lol :). aubree is at her school and does a messy project w/ the other kids :), she’s so proud of herself cuz she wrote her name in the messiness on the table! (idk if she actually did tho, it looked like just scribbles to me. maybe that’ll be her future signature lol).

jace is getting a bath by jenelle, and i gotta say, i’m not a fan of kids being shown in any level of nudity publically (tv, online, etc), whether it’s bath time or potty time or any time.. there’s just too many pervs out there who will see it and errr enjoy it (and i’ll leave it at that!). i don’t even think baby girls/young girls should wear bikini bathing suits! and baby boys/young boys should wear a shirt w/ their swim trunks… so sue me, but hey, i care abt the protection of children and i won’t apologize or anything for that.. but anyway, after the bath, jace is btwn jenelle and nathan and they have a tender moment w/ her kissing him on the forehead and hugging a bit…

now they talk abt how the kids all say ILY and give affection.. it starts w/ jenelle w/ jace having a lil tickles and licking the face session lol.. leah’s at a hotel? w/ ali and they call aleeah so the girls can talk a bit and say ILY to each other :) … javi is w/ isaac and gets kisses from their rottie dog LOL, and isaac thinks it’s ‘disgusting!’ cuz he gave isaac a ‘big boy kiss’ LOL, and javi gets him to show him his big tongue too lol.. they also talk abt how their kids comfort them when they’re sad and upset. very sweet moments :)

all the kids r on the stage again, this time the 2nd/3rd children too :) and time to talk abt disciplining the kids now. kailyn mentions how she feels horribly guilty when she has to discipline isaac, but honestly, i think isaac is a pretty well behaved child for the most part, so i think kailyn is doing a decent job w/ him :). we also just get to see a few cute moments w/ the kids.. aubree mixing the batter w/ chelsea… leah getting impatient w/ aleeah b4 they go to sleep lol… javi saying ‘chicken butt’ to isaac lol.. and watching these lil bits, u really do see jace getting rough w/ the cat and whatnot and messing up a lamp shade lol, he’s gonna be a ball of fun as he grows up! and leah’s girls were licking the wall?! it’s not like ‘willy wonka and the chocolate factory’ where they can lick the fruity wallpaper LOL… either way tho, these lil specials def got me psyched for the new (final?) season of ‘teen mom 2!’

[btw i wanted to post this sooner but it's monsoon season here in AZ and a monsoon has been going on tonite and it knocked out the internet for like 1.5 hrs... so sorry for the lil delay]

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so the time has finally come, they will be meeting the richards family (the Christian poly family) they traveled so far to meet.. from the previews, seems they’re a bit diff from the browns lol.. i really wonder how this family is gonna fit the browns family into their home lol, but they somehow pull it off for the most part, it’s like a big holiday get together lol. and wow, that’s a long table set up lol!

so nathanael has been married to rebecca for 13 yrs, and his 2nd wife, christina for 5 yrs. apparently, polygamy was a part of the old new testament, hmm i didn’t know that… lol every1 takes some time to play w/ the baby goats LOL and other farmish animals.. it’s always interesting when a child knows more abt something than an adult lol, one of the richards’ daughters is teaching christine abt the chickens and them laying eggs :) she’s informing me too cuz i sure didn’t know this stuff.. my guess was that they don’t lay eggs everywhere cuz they do that in the chicken coop thingy lol! on a slightly sadder note, she also talks to christine abt the sad part of polygamy…

so the families do some blending and socializing w/ each other and i have to say, it’s nice to see, like 2 diff groups coming together on a common ground.. while the adults r  out to eat, nathanael tells how he came to decide on polygamy, when he was reading the bible.. and brought up the idea to his 1st wife rebecca who initially was shocked and not thrilled lol, but after a bit of talking she obv decided to do it lol.. they all talk abt the emotional sides of it, the jealousies/emotions of there being other wives involved in ur marriage, etc. they knew christina from church and each had a feeling that it would be christina basically. when she was approached abt the idea, she realized that it was basically meant to be based on a dream she had in the past that she could never figure out b4.. basically, it was all meant to be, they had their spiritual awakenings/fate/etc step in and tell them what should be. they seem to be a great family honestly, so seems everything worked out for the most part.

nathanael explains that they collectively have 9 children, but rebecca is the one who had each of them. they talk abt their fertility troubles, a lot like meri’s w/ her sister wives.. meri explains that she’s happy for her sister wives that they had their children b/c if she didn’t have a plural family, she wouldn’t have such a big family w/ a bunch of great kids..  i can say that not being a mom when ur bio clock is going off every day and knowing that u’d be a great mom is SO hard! and it’s not that i need to have bio kids, it’s just that i need to be a mom in general. personally, my dream is to have a house full of special needs kids (adopted) but i don’t think it’ll ever happen honestly. my husband doesn’t want kids, and that’s his right to feel this way, but yeah it interferes obv w/ what i want lol.. and i can’t have kids w/o his OKing it all lol… so i imagine i’ll never get to be a mom personally. but gosh, it hurts my heart every day that i’m not one. so i totally sympathize w/ women out there who so desperately want children but don’t have them for w/e reason.. but i do urge them to plsss consider adoption as an option! there’s SO many children out there who need loving parents and homes! and if u want them that bad, it shouldn’t matter if they’re ur bio kids, u know? (but don’t get me wrong, i do understand the bio calling for kids too).

the adults get to talking abt the term ‘sister wives’ and what term they prefer to use. apparently there’s the term ‘co-wife’ that exists, another thing i didn’t know lol, but makes sense :) they also talk abt separate/the same house, and the idea just occurred to me, the browns should really build a connecting walkway btwn each house! if it’s raining or something (i know they live in the desert lol  like i do) but rain does happen and who wants to go outside in the rain to get wet just to go to the house next door? u know? there’s not gonna be any houses built in btwn their houses, so why not? every1 already comes and goes as they pls btwn each house… just an idea, brown family! :) they even talk abt if there’s any sharing of beds.. personally, i mean i guess that some couples of all kinds don’t mind doing that (and i’ll leave it at that lol), but it’s odd that polygamy doesn’t really want u to do that, but ur sharing a husband lol.. but yeah, i guess all relationships r going to have their own set of rules and boundaries to keep every1 happy and everything fair play.

so what did every1 think of the richards family? i thought they were really nice and worth the road trip :) every1 seemed to get along well and i hope they’ve made lifelong friends w/ the richards :)

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so the crew r back in alabama this time, but helping a diff bounty hunting/bails crew. lots of excitement, suspense, swearing, and some action as usual so i’m thrilled lol :) we get glimpses of the ppl at this particular business and all are nice, kind, and sincere it seems. the crews do a meet and greet and jump right in, there’s abt 10 cases that he wants them to work on. apparently, this crew doesn’t have vests and they have a diff kind of cuffs that make it easier for the perps to struggle, so dog shows them how much better it is w/ their cuffs.

they arrive at a house as usual and face a bit of hesitation from the resident, but ultimately they’re able to get in and search. they get to the mother’s place and do a search too. they arrive at a house that’s dope-filled to the point where it’s in the air and the house needs to be ventilated BADLY, if the dog there had stayed and no windows/doors open, beth said the dog would die :/// .. so obv the woman is finally arrested, and i think it’s hilarious the girl’s boobs jiggled when she was being searched lol… but apparently her and beth r the same age, but gosh she looks decades older than beth like she said! so they go searching thru all the stashes and nastyness of the house due to the drugs. and my gosh!!!

well, abt a 1/2 hr into the epi and idk if they’re gonna pull off abt 10 cases lol. but we’ll see! back at the ‘bama office, they go over the other cases left and see which one they’re going to get to work on next. they decide to work on a male’s case, heading to the parent’s place and also, turns out he’s a twin so they gotta be careful they arrest the right person lol.. they get there but things don’t work out, but one of the staff tells em abt an interesting lead involving a girl fugitive who went to get her ears pierced and just had a baby?! lol.. they talk on the phone and she agrees to turn herself in.. she arrives w/ her mom and bf and baby, and she gets the most gentle arrest i’ve seen by em lol.. and they all luck out that another fugitive (the male from earlier) turned himself in too, peacefully at that..

at the office, beth tries to go over w/ the staff person abt how to do proper paperwork and app’s, asking lots of questions and making sure nothing is left blank in the paperwork so no stone is left unturned.. while out driving, they use fb to help them w/ the new case lol. some ppl r just dumb! social media is abt the worst thing u could do when ur ‘on the run’ or w/e.. u might as well go inside the bails office and yell ‘i’m a fugitive! arrest me!’ lol! two teams (the guys and beth) arrive at the same place, thru two diff doors and enter.. beth stops the fugitive and she’s immediately arrested.. she tells them she has lupus and they get her meds for her. in the car, beth calls her a liar, and after dropping her off, beth advises the staff person to not feel sympathy for her cuz she’ll get taken advantage of and whatnot. very true.. this wasn’t as good an epi as other ones, just the one w/ the drug house was interesting to me lol.. but oh well, there’s still plenty more to come :)

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if u feel brave enuf :) feel free to say WWYD in the comments, it’ll be nice to hear other opinions on the dilemmas and whatnot :) don’t worry, i don’t bite :)

1st scenario: *groomzillas* r taking over in this one lol. so they’re wondering what bystanders will do if the groomzilla is being a criticizing jerk abt the bride’s wedding dress in the ‘kleinfeld’s’ wedding dress store. they def have the attn of an older woman who simply observes their interaction but when the bride steps away, she talks some sense into the groomzilla. but it’s not working and he still criticizes her 2nd dress. she suggests to him that he find a dress HE likes, even stepping away from her family in the store to ‘help’ him lol. she’s finally trying to really advise him and thankfully john comes out and she’s relieved lol, i predict she’d end up crying if he continued any further… they do it again  and he’s now criticizing her weight basically. the designer of the dress actually walks up and intervenes, encouraging the bride and saying she’s doing her dress justice. she even tells the groom she’s happy she’s not marrying him cuz she’d die  lol, can’t say i blame her. john comes out and she says she ‘was about to kill him!’ lol.. pretty much every1 is on the bride’s side and many think she shouldn’t even marry the guy. another bystander bride is watching and is clearly emotionally upset by it, she rushes over to the now crying bride actress and tells her she looks great and that she should be enjoying this experience. she even tells the groomzilla he’s not a nice person and she’d never marry him personally.

WWYD? i’ve never been bridal dress shopping so i’ve never been in that particular situation. but i think if i was overhearing a guy talk to a girl like that, i’d be at least wanting to tell her not to be w/ him. it may as well be verbal abuse telling someone they look horrible, etc like the groomzilla was, and the bystanders had a good point, if he’s like this abt her wedding dress, what would he be like in a real stressful situation?! big red flags there.. but groomzillas aren’t the only ones who are bad, so are the bridezillas out there, and u know they exist cuz the WE? channel sure didn’t make up that show lol, i watched it sometimes but gosh it’s hard to watch lol.. really, no one should be mistreated in any way for any ‘reason’ by someone that’s supposed to love them. and if they are, then it’s time to do some big thinking and take action! the results and consequences may not be ideal and whatnot, but ur self worth is worth it..

2nd scenario: traci is using the motorized cart in the store and isn’t physically challenged in any way (she’s just tired and feels like using it lol) so she’s misusing it. and all the bystanders really are all telling her she shouldn’t be using it.. they change it up and have a woman walking around wearing a neck brace and w/ a cane, causing the bystanders to encourage/lecture traci that she should give up the cart and let the injured woman use it instead. lol traci even lazily asks other customers to reach for things for her while she grabs stuff too.. eventually, traci pisses off a single mom and she explains to john that traci was being ‘selfish and inconsiderate’.

WWYD? well who wouldn’t wanna use a motorized cart in the store and save their legs and feet from all that walking?! i know i have bad legs and feet, can’t stand/walk for more than 20 mins w/o pain and soreness starting… BUT i’ve never used the motorized cart b4 either. i do believe they *should* be reserved for those who truly need it. but many times, u see obese ppl using it and i’m not saying they don’t have physical issues that make it hard for them to walk around the store, but u know that at least 1 out of 10 of them are using it cuz they don’t wanna do the walking.. and there’s no monitor/supervisor to check each person that tries to use it so whoever that wants to for ANY reason can and do use it, which is really annoying and frustrating for those that truly need it but it’s not available to them cuz others are using them… it’s the same thing w/ using a handicapped parking space when u don’t have the permit and no one in ur car is ‘handicapped’….

3rd scenario: LOL @ ‘nomophobia’ (no mobile phobia), traci is a waitress w/ nomophobia who is on her phone more than doing her job LOL, u know u’ve all experienced this at least 1x in ur life in this day and age! LOL she’s taking orders from ppl while talking to her bf on the phone w/ the earphone bluetooth set thingy (idk i’ve never used it myself lol, i don’t even use speakerphone unless i’m on hold). one woman tells the manager who’s busy doing the same thing basically LOL. LOL @ traci suggesting she text her her order haha.. idk y traci is unrecognizable in person but many ppl watch this show and don’t realize it’s her in these scenarios LOL.. lol one woman says traci needs a ‘mental institution’ i don’t think it’s that bad lol… lol one woman traci is standing over telling a gross story on the phone even helps traci spell ‘gangrene’ lol! 2 older women  are complaining abt traci right in front of her but traci is so caught up in her ‘convo’ and using the phone lol… LOL traci even has them say their order into her phone! LOL john gets on video call to tell these 2 women they’re on ‘WWYD’ LOL, so now they spend the time talking up traci and complimenting her lol.

WWYD? omgosh, i’d be SO annoyed w/ traci if i was one of the diners! even if she wasn’t my server and i had someone else serving, i’d see this w/ traci and still be annoyed as fuck! i can’t stand ppl on their phones, speakerphone, ringtones, loudness in general, i hate it all lol.. i keep my phone on silent and i rarely talk on the phone, i prefer texting.. but man, this situation sux cuz even the supervisor/manager person was all up on his device too so it’s not like u can complain to him abt traci doing it too.. but if i can’t complain in person to someone, then u know i’m gonna complain online in every site i can, mainly yelp cuz i’ve gotten responses from managers, etc. when i’ve complained abt their restaurants… for one, i even got a $100 gift card :) so i’m always saying, it pays to complain!! i can’t tell u how many coupons, gift cards, etc. that i’ve gotten for complaining (legit complaining, i wasn’t making shit up or nothing). but anyway, i’ve never heard of nomophobia but gosh u know u know at least a couple ppl who have this issue  if u don’t urself lol!

4th scenario: a thief does some stealing from a car that has over $10,000 of various items inside. so the car owner is a good guy but dumb cuz he leaves the window partially open, letting the thief up and steal his stuff.. the bystanders (who already knew who the car owner was) witness the thief doing it and when the car owner comes back, the men tell him they saw him doing it but thought it was ‘his’ stuff and didn’t realize he was a thief… (uhhh apparently they forget that he got into the car by opening it thru the window!!! another set of bystanders just watch it all happen again and do nothing. another woman just seems annoyed by what he did w/ the noise but does tell the owner the direction he took off, but then she gives the owner a BAD description of him.. another set up and the thief asks the bystander if it’s her car! then he goes abt stealing the stuff and takes off LOL.. 2 ppl do give a better description of the thief tho and called 911.. funny enuf, the man is wearing a shirt that says ‘i’m silently correcting your grammar’.. a very pregnant woman wastes no time in calling the cops and the man w/ her takes a hold of him and does a lil citizen’s arrest (notice he’s also holding his cell phone, possibly trying to video rec it all in case it’s needed for evidence, my guess anyway) and tells the pregnant woman to step back for her safety.. this man brought tears to my eyes honestly, he really stepped up and did more than any1 else, while also insisting on the pregnant woman’s safety! (i assume his gf/wife).

they change it up and make the thief a black guy (the 1st was white). but 2 young women immediately jump in and stop him, and tell the owner abt it when he comes back. makes ya wonder if they would’ve done that if he was white.. but cuz he’s black, the bystanders jump right on him again in the next set up. one woman takes off to find the owner and the other woman says she’s going to call the cops. sure seems like a race card is being played in this scenario cuz nearly no one jumped on the white guy, but everyone’s jumping on the black guy.. well, til this new set up where no one intervened.. but now, an older man walks up to the thief and physically stops him, even interrogating him asking various questions like ‘what kind of car is this?’ (something the owner would obv know). all the bystanders now insist that they would’ve reacted this way regardless of race, but that’s hard to say unless the same ppl in the black thief scenario were the bystanders for the white thief…. so this time, they have a white girl steal from the car instead.. she asks a bystander to help her w/ some of the heavy stuff (a bag of golf clubs!) and he does! he even jokes w/ her to give him $5! one man at 1st was gonna help til he realizes that she’s trying to steal so he simply goes to sit back down but doesn’t call 911 or anything. one mother w/ kids approaches her and wonders what she’s doing and whatnot. another woman takes a pic of the girl thief.

WWYD? well i’m def too scared to physically stop the thief, regardless of their statistics in race/gender.. but i’d at least say something, yell out, call 911, take a pic, etc.. i’m very not surprised by the ppl who did nothing lol, my gosh.. but u know if it was their car and belongings, they’d be so pissed if no one did anything to stop it! i really am still thinking abt the man w/ the pregnant woman, he really moved me and impressed me. that’s a good guy right there, esp w/ his thinking abt the woman’s pregnancy in the midst of the tense situation that easily could’ve turned dangerous. i’m telling ya, more ppl need to exist in this world that r like that guy! kudos and hats off to him! :) that baby is very lucky to have him in their life whoever he is!


‘girl meets boy’ epi of #GIRLMEETSWORLD   Leave a comment

[lil sidenote: pls don't hold it against me if i'm unable to do a lot of posting for a bit. gonna be on the busy side and whatnot, and so idk how my blogging will be effected, i honestly hope it's all good and i'll be blogging away as usual, but just a heads up in case i'm wrong.. thanks for ur understanding, y'all :)]

so last epi was the series premiere which i think was great, but i read online that it had mixed feelings for others lol. some think it’s *too* disney, even saying the ‘laughing’ track is annoying lol.. others say it’s great and wonderful to see familiar faces. so we’ll see how the series plays out in whether it just keeps getting better or worse. (i’m obv hoping for even better!) i still am adamant that it’s wrong that will friedle isn’t gonna be on the show (for the time being anyway, maybe things will change in the future). it’s hard to see cory w/o eric around doing his hilarious antics and trying to *sneak attack* to-pan-gah! lol.. and despite the lil break due to the 4th of july holiday, there was apparently 1 epi avail on the disney app? but it will be airing as the epi after this one so it’s not like u missed it if u didn’t watch it online lol. i didn’t watch it, i got caught up in other stuff, and plus, i couldn’t find the disney app on my tablet, maybe it’s not avail for my tablet lol.. ah well.

the epi starts w/ the girls at school and maya is encouraging riley to interact w/ lucas, so they text each other even tho they’re FEET apart lol. after a couple mins, she sneaks up behind him lol and hesitates saying anything out loud, just mouthing some words lol. LOL @ she even sniffs him?! the guy is so oblivious tho and doesn’t even notice lol… btw, i’m still loving the hell outta the intro, i think it’s so fitting for the show.. cory starts the class talking abt how cell phones and technology has taken over true communication. pretty soon, farkle takes over the class again but mainly to just pull out a strand of maya and riley’s hair lol.. cory tells em they’re gonna be put into teams and do a project on technology but w/o using it (they gotta go to the library and such), he even has the students give him their phones.. lol i’ll be damned if a teacher ever took away my phone, but i also never did anything to give them that chance lol. but how is it ok for a teacher to take away a phone? they’re also used for emergencies…. what if one of the students has a family emergency but they can’t be notified abt it cuz their teacher has their phone?! u know?!

back at home, auggie (riley’s lil bro) tells his story abt his day :) pointing out that he’s still growing lol! then he offers riley his toy phone and points out the brighter side of things – that she’s still growing too lol. he’s so cute. i wonder if cory would still feel this way abt cell phones if they were as rampant back during his young days like they are now lol.. he tells maya he wants them to be real human beings, right b4 maya intercoms em and riley goes out w/ her, farkle, and lucas to the library to work on their project.. feeling a bit rejected, cory and topanga focus their attn on auggie and color w/ him :) lol farkle takes the opportunity to flirt w/ the older librarian who’s busy shhhing em all lol, they don’t even know library rules and etiquette, my gosh, makes me feel so old! hell,  i was in college right around when online courses were beginning to be offered and books research was still encouraged but online research was making it’s way into our research papers..

[btw, it's nice to see a bit of behind the scenes of the show and see the diff sets for each room and the subway lol] at the library, farkle sees maya’s hidden talent of drawing :) meanwhile, riley gets some hefty advice from the librarian abt talking to lucas. he opens up to her abt his home life in TX, having 24 horses, etc. wow, he even delivered one, and hopes to be a veterinarian one day, that’s sweet :). if i wasn’t partially scared of animals, i’d wanna work w/ em one day myself. back at home, topanga and cory see auggie’s latest artwork on the new stainless steel fridge(!) and the wall lol! topanga dreadily is supportive and proud of him lol.. riley comes home and tells cory that talking out loud to lucas brought them closer together, which he’s unhappy abt of course lol, but she thx him for taking her phone and causing this lol.

after realizing that he caused riley/lucas to get closer lol, cory takes back everything he said b4 and gives the phones back b4 the presentations LOL. farkle explains he’s kept maya’s drawing in his pocket and riley/lucas demonstrate a convo starting w/ ‘hi’ to each other :).. LOL @ the lil BMW reference of talking thru bookshelves in the library! (remember the awkwardness that was cory and shawn’s bromance where they had to resort to talking in the library this way cuz shawn’s current gf was a control freak who hated cory! their friendship def took an odd turn in that epi lol but we all saw it coming and it was a cute quirk to their bromance!) anyway, cory talks to maya thru the bookshelves and tells her to keep an eye on riley :).. btw, when r we gonna see shawn?!?!?!?!?!?! i was sad to see no BMW cameos this epi, but it’s exciting to know they’re coming soon in the show! :) keep an eye out w/ me!

series premiere epi’s of #LEAHTLC (leah remini: it’s all relative)   Leave a comment

so for any1 who doesn’t know, leah remini (actress, been on tv plenty!) got her own lil reality show w/ TLC starring her and her family (angelo – husband, sofia – daughter, and somewhat her mother – vicki, along w/ a few bonus ppl in leah’s life). leah’s been in so many series that i loved! she was even in ‘saved by the bell’ playing stacey during the gang’s lil stint at the beach club and she was zach’s gf for a bit while they were there lol. ‘king of queens’ – she starred w/ kevin james as his wife who puts up w/ or calls him out on his dumb shit he does lol.. ‘the talk’ – she was one of the hosts for the 1st season but was kicked off along w/ holly, i’m still SMH at that cuz the replacement, sheryl underwood is a complete, disgusting JOKE! ugh, i had to stop watching that show cuz i couldn’t deal w/ sheryl anymore, which is sad cuz i loved it otherwise… she even was on ‘dancing w/ the stars’ and her partner was tony dovolani, she didn’t win lol.. she’s also been in the media for her exit from Scientology and she also happens to be jennifer lopez’s bestie :). so otherwise, leah is well known for her feisty, loud attitude, and she tells it like it is (from her POV lol). so we’re treated to 2 1st epi’s of the series, so here it goes :)

1st epi: ‘welcome to the family’ – so apparently, they own a lil family diner called vivian’s.. i didn’t know that! she tells us how angelo runs the diner and is a big sports fan lol. they’re making some dinner and soon dessert, but don’t know how to deal w/ the ‘shiny pan’ the recipe on the box calls for lol. leah and angelo are trying to plan a party/get together to celebrate that they still have loved ones despite their leaving Scientology and being shunned by most.. while leah’s elsewhere, angelo talks w/ the nanny, trish and vicki abt how leah’s a hoarder and they need to get rid of the swing set, but both r opposed to angelo’s idea. btw, sofia is plenty old enuf to NOT have a nanny, isn’t she? angelo and leah SEEM present enuf in sofia’s life that a nanny isn’t needed and also consider sofia’s age, so idk y this girl has a nanny still…. personally, i think the max cut off age for a nanny is abt 13… [ok scratch that, i just looked up how old sofia is, she's 9 so i guess a nanny can still be appropriate].

the family in general is sitting at the dining room table and discussing how they left Scientology and were publically shunned.. so apparently, leah and family grew up in this religion, and the Scientology policy is to shun those u know who leave it. idk y any1 would want to be a part of a religion that will cause u to be shunned or w/e for any reason! doesn’t sound like a very accepting/caring religion to be a part of… JMO tho. vicki reveals to leah that angelo wants to get rid of the swingset and said she’s a ‘high-end hoarder’. leah of course doesn’t wanna get rid of it cuz it’s sentimental w/ sofia, but she decides to just talk to sofia abt it and see what she thinks.

b4 the party, leah and a few others take the time to do the electric slide on the dance floor that’s been set up for the party lol.. i think i had to do the electric slide once or twice when i was a kid at weddings and whatnot, but ugh, never in my teen or adult life thankfully lol… at the party, there’s plenty of dancing on the dance floor, fun, drinking, and celebrating among all the guests. angelo makes a thank you announcement to the guests to thank them for standing by them thru their leaving Scientology.. lol and vicki is very buzzed and pleasantly ‘enamored’ lol! at the swing set, leah and angelo both suck up to their daughter as they call to her to come out to the swing set.. they want to know what she wants to do w/ the swing set… angelo wants a basketball court in it’s place… leah wants to keep it for grandbabies LOL, so sofia agrees w/ her and leah tells angelo to go jump in the pool lol, but then she tells him not to jump in w/ the shoes on that she bought him! but both he and sofia jump in fully clothed LOL!


epi 2: ‘putting the ‘fun’ in ‘funeral” – what a weird title! LOL.. to start the epi, angelo makes the bed wrong lol and leah points out the zippers for the pillows have to be down but he did them up lol.. leah and her sister, shannon talk abt the possibility of boob jobs, sex during the day = HELL NO!, and vicki’s dog, sadie’s bday party lol. and right then, the husky? dog, blue, is abt to pee in leah’s flowers  so she tells him that’s y the dog doesn’t get any bday parties lol!  leah shows up a bit late to the dog’s bday party w/ a cake she had the assistant get lol, but vicki ends the party and whatnot lol. meanwhile, angelo is sucking ass at golf w/ leah’s stepdad but they enjoy themselves anyway lol.

vicki tells her daughters they each have good qualities and whatnot lol. but leah calls her out and thinks she’s lying. vicki goes on abt how they’ll miss her when she’s dead and brings up that she wants to have a fake wake to see what her loved ones would say abt her lol!  i’m not sure how i feel abt a fake wake lol. i’m a bit nervous abt what any1 would say. i don’t think any1 would shit talk abt me but i also kinda worry no 1 would even show up! i think ppl will just say things abt vicki to mess w/ her for having them do this fake wake tho so idk what good it would do to go thru this. vicki goes thru w/ explaining the fake wake to the rest of the family who all think it’s a dumb idea basically lol.

angelo gets into character and tries to prepare his words for her, but he’s also obsessing that the cameras not catch him on the stairs in his shoes LOL.. so every1 arrives at the house and the fake wake begins…. vicki’s husband starts it and mentions ‘sex and drugs’ LOL.. but it ends up causing every1 to cry lol… vicki appreciated it tho and said it was ‘heartfelt’. even angelo’s lil speech abt how he’ll miss her pestering phone calls, and vicki and sofia go to hug him cuz he finishes the speech crying :).. shannon calls her a ‘pain in the ass’ and mentions how vicki thought she was a lesbian lol! leah comments that vicki is her best friend and nearly couldn’t continue the speech… gosh, LOL while every1 is including jokes in their speeches, but still crying abt the idea of her being gone, vicki is just LHAO! lol..

so what did every1 else think of these epis to start the series?! i personally love leah remini and follow everything she does basically, so i was thrilled that she was getting a reality show. i always thought she was more than capable of having her own show and her family is just wonderful :) angelo is a funny blast and has his sweet moments where u truly see he loves leah and sofia.. sofia is a ball of sweet cuteness.. vicki is a funny, wild person who u dunno what she’ll say next, very much like leah lol.. it’s nice to get this peek into her family life and to have her grace my tv screen again :)


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