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the epi starts w/ GR prepping a raw whole chicken and showing them how it’s done :) i love watching him work!!! he does everything w/ finesse, careful, calculated, and perfect! then his famous ‘done’ at the end :) the wannabe’s now have to be in pairs and shop in the amazing pantry but have a locked box of their particular chicken part(s) so they don’t know what they’re gonna get til after they’ve already gotten their pantry ingredients lol… i admit, seeing everyone cooking, and i really miss ahran!! there’s a couple ppl left who i just don’t think deserve to be there, they just do badly or have a bad attitude (aka cutter, leslie lol) so i hope they’re next to go! leslie and elizabeth present their dish and the judges are pleasantly happy w/ it. jaimee and daniel are next and GE points out that it’s the most ‘unsexy’ thing to watch someone eat lol, JB says it looks like something u would get at an ‘airport restaurant’ lol! cutter and willie are next, and i personally like willie, i think he’s got a great personality and very nice, while cutter is stubborn, rude, and has an unlikeable personality IMO.. so we’ll see how they did.. hmmm so they had the optimum chicken cut but were a big let down w/ including too much of the ‘asparagus butt’ (i didn’t know asparagus had a ‘butt’ lol) and it was overall a let down.. smh..

damn, now cuz of stupid cutter, willie is getting on the 3’s bad side :/// i really had high hopes for willie cuz he’s such a great guy and deserves to make it to the finals, even be the winner, just based on his personality alone. to me, personality goes a long way in whether u ‘deserve’ to win any competition.. if ur a jerk, i’m not gonna want u to win lol… anyway, courtney and christian are next and GE is enjoying their dish, saying he wanted to have more.. GR says the plating could’ve been better considering how far into the competition they are.. he’s not happy w/ sprouts & tomatos combo tho! ugh, leslie and elizabeth had the best dish so they’re safe, boooooooo that means he’ll make it to next week and this only fills his inflated ego even more… time for the pressure test which will consist of 3 challenges, where the 1 who does each best will survive and the losers will continue to do each following pressure test round. 1st up, they will have only 1 egg and have to poach it perfectly in 10 mins. hmmm apparently u can only put ‘a drop’ of vinegar in the water, and everyone is putting in small but def not ‘a drop’ amounts lol so i get the feeling every1 is gonna do badly.. willie does manage to pull of a ‘delicious egg’ tho according to GE :).. daniel’s egg broke in the water and actually had to present his egg to JB w/ no yolk! next, jaimee, daniel, and cutter had to do some egg yolk ravioli thingy lol, and cutter is the one who actually succeeds of the 3 surprisingly.. ugh, he’ll survive another week again booooo! now they gotta do a cheese souffle, something i’ve never eaten in my life, but i’d love to try a chocolate souffle! :) awwww daniel is sent off to go back home…. but he gets a friendly goodbye from the 3… next week needs to be cutter AND leslie to go home!

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hey every1, even if u don’t watch ‘masterchef’ please at least read the lil update on what’s up w/ me at the bottom, so 1st the blog, then a lil update.. thx y’all! 

the teams show up on a football field in order to do the team challenge of serving a bunch of screaming fans sitting in the bleachers, but this time the team captains got to choose who will be on the opponent’s team lol.. unfortunately the blue team is screwed right now cuz the meat for the burgers is severely ‘wet’ due to too many eggs or something.. but somehow they fix the mistake and burgers are being made.. courtney is having issues w/ leslie and his inability to properly season.. the burgers r raw, the fish is bland.. i’m wondering how the hell they’re gonna pull this shit off lol. there’s a few bumps along the way as they start serving every1 and the pressure is ON! annnnd RED TEAM wins the team challenge, lots of celebrating for them.. the crazyness of it is it was 49 and 51.. pretty damn close and something to be proud of, or annoyed w/..

pressure test – PRAWNS! and they’re starting out ALIVE so the wannabes also have to deal w/ the killing of the prawns lol. add in that they have to cook the 3 dishes the 3 wanted, fun lol. ahran is completely creeped out by the prawns and not handling them well at all, idk if i blame her tho, i can’t say i’d be great at handling live seafood lol. hell, i feel bad just seeing when live lobsters go into the pot lol.. time for the judging, and ahran is particularly nervous about her dishes. uh oh, victoria’s dish is raw! :///// awwww victoria is the 1st to be eliminated :/// they’re eliminating 2 tonite so that it will be the final 10 after this. now it’s down to leslie and ahran, two ppl that despised each other in the beginning, i’m personally still not a fan of leslie tho but i’m shocked that leslie was able to get ahran to be friends w/ him after all their bickering lol. i’ll say tho, his lil speech is very sweet. damn, ahran has been eliminated :////// i was really pulling for her, she’s so young and amazingly talented. i was hoping she’d at least make it to the finals.


***PLEASE READ, EVERY1, THX*** so it’s been a tough as hell time for me for weeks now and i just started staying in a new spot on monday that doesn’t have cable (if u can believe it cuz i sure couldn’t!). i do have a tv but all it gets is the basic channels and spanish channels (which is useful when there’s nothing on cuz they run the telenovelas at crazy times lol) anyway, so i nearly couldn’t get cable installed yesterday but i finagled it earlier tonite so i can still have access to cable shows on my laptop and such. anyway, i’m sure that’s so interesting to every1 but just to explain y the blogging hasn’t been happening…also, lots has been happening where life still is kicking me in the ass but at least i’m not sickly anymore. so hopefully (unless life still decides to throw more fucking  curve balls at my face), i’ll slowly but surely get caught up in my blog again, maybe not all the shows i was blogging abt b4 everything went to hell, but hopefully most/some at least! please continue to bear w/ me as i’m dealing w/ all this bull and i’ll try to keep up w/ the blog :) 

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still physically suffering from being overstressed and whatnot, but at least this week i was able to blog abt WWYD, unlike the last few wks lol… hope ya like :)

scenario 1: every1 knows i have a special place in my heart for babies and was a infant teacher so this one is esp gonna get me going.. a woman leaves her crying baby in the locked, hot car but unbeknownst to the bystanders, the baby is a doll and the crying is a recording… one woman is so distraught that john has to comfort her when she sees it’s WWYD.. one woman is clearly annoyed w/ the mom actress but lets go of what she’s doing cuz she doesn’t wanna get involved.. she sticks around tho and is pissed that the mom keeps wanting to go do her dumb errands and keep leaving the baby in the car… they change it up and have it be a dad this time, so a woman calls 911 to report the situation.. one bystander dad is particularly annoyed w/ him and he’s actually carrying his baby in the carseat as he’s fighting w/ the actor dad.. the dad asks a couple bystanders to ‘babysit’ while the baby is in the car.. one woman starts going off on the dad and heads over to a nearby cop to report him, when john walks up she hugs him and is relieved it’s WWYD.

WWYD? well 1st i’d break the car window furthest away from the baby so i can get access to the baby and i’d check their general body temp and well being and call 911, doing w/e they say to do. if they say bring the baby to the ER, that’s what i’m gonna do. i don’t care what i was supposed to be doing, that’s not more important than a child’s well being in my eyes. if the parent comes back b4 i’ve left, i’d be going off on them for doing this shit in the 1st place while i’m trying to get the baby out. seriously, doing that kinda shit is called CHILD ENDANGERMENT, at the very least! .. idk what’s wrong w/ ppl these days, thinking it’s ok to leave any living being in a locked/hot car?! and for what?! so u can get something at dunkin?! c’mon! i’d hope they’d give a damn if they came back to their hot car and found their baby dead! what would they say to the loved ones? ‘oh, yeah, the baby died in the car cuz i wanted to go alone to get something from dunkin’……… just think of how YOU would feel in a locked/hot car, if u’d be uncomfortable and whatnot, don’t ya think a baby would DIE from it?! children of any age are not burdens and should never be treated as such. it’s not their faults they were conceived, don’t treat them like they’re inconveniences!

scenario 2: a carnie is very insulting to a little person to the point of bullying/abuse, so will bystanders laugh along too or interfere? seems reactions are mixed, some find what the carnie is saying/doing is extremely funny, while others look appalled but don’t get involved and just let it continue.. one young man comes along and points out that what he’s doing is wrong.. another woman starts insulting the carnie right back and also points out the obvious to him but it falls on deaf ears of course… they change it up to an overweight teen boy, and one man gets particularly loud and annoyed w/ the carnie. a few bystanders feel bad for the teen who’s not defending himself and they start getting mad at the carnie for targeting someone who’s seemingly defenseless.. one mom is particularly annoyed w/ him too telling him he should be ashamed of himself. another woman just straight up steers the teen away from the carnie and encourages him to just walk away from mean ppl..
WWYD? idk if i’d have the ‘guts’ to interfere in these situations, but i know my gut inside would be screaming at me to do so. i know how it is to be verbally abused and whatnot, it’s no picnic and any form of abuse is wrong on so many levels… i do think my social anxiety would get in the way in this instance and keep me from voicing my opinion.. but i’d hope that i’d at least be making my disdain for his comments known and obvious, and maybe i’d be brave enuf to go up to these ‘victims’ and steer them away from the carnie too..

scenario 3: traci is literally digging thru the fountains to get change so she can gamble at mohegan sun in connecticutt lol! so will bystanders tell her not to do it or laugh and encourage her? lol… LOL traci asks a woman wearing a sleeveless top to dig into the fountain for change for her and she says noooooo and says that traci needs to realize she has a gambling problem considering what she’s trying to do.. just wow, some ppl straight up offer THEIR $ to her, one man even gave her $50!! one older man does help her get change but says ‘i can’t believe i’m doing this shit’ LOL.. another older man goes to report traci but he reports it to another WWYD actress who doesn’t fully believe what he’s telling her lol.. one woman swears she’ll report traci and she talks to the WWYD actress employee and she tells the actress to get someone else who will listen to her and take her seriously LOL…

WWYD? i sure as hell wouldn’t be helping traci in any way!!! and i DAMN sure would NOT be giving her my own $$$ lol, some ppl r just too damn nice and shit, gosh.. it’s not even like it’s giving $ to someone for a good cause or w/e like they’re homeless, it’s for GAMBLING! lol… and yeah at the very least, i’d be reporting her too and taking any pics/video footage i can to prove it..

scenario 4: they already did this segment this season but it’s a black man in a wall st. clothing store and the employee is racially profiling and trying to get bystanders on his side.. no one is really actively jumping in to help gabriel, until one man comes up and confronts the employee. so they have a black guy from shark tank who’s a multi millionaire step in and be racially profiled, which catches the attn of a ‘well dressed’ black man shopping in the store and he steps up and stands up for him pointing out that the employee is wrong for what they’re doing and thinking and saying…

WWYD? as far as i know, i’ve never been racially profiled in a shopping store w/ being accused of stealing and suspected as a stealer/troublemaker, but i’m also asian and female so i guess i don’t come up much in their ‘gonna steal’ demographics stats. i can think of one time in the store where the card machine tells u to give ur credit card to the cashier, so i do it, and this cashier said ‘oh no it’s ok.. ur fine.. we just do that for certain ppl’ LOL, i was like ‘uhhh ok i guess’ so now we know y they do that card check thing i guess, or at least that’s what the cashier at this store said. i think it was like CVS or something if i remember right.. regardless tho, racial profiling is wrong, as is stereotyping and i’ve gone thru plenty of stereotyping! it’s all dumbass assumptions abt a particular group/type of ppl and always negative. i’d like to think that i’d start going off on the racist profiler for how WRONG and absurd he is tho! ppl r just ridiculous and they can end up causing riots and whatnot if they get ppl riled up enuf…

scenario 5: racism against muslims, and wow, they mentioned the boston marathon bombings! (i’m from boston).. so the scenario is a white bigot customer vs a muslim employee, who’s side will the bystanders take??? one man calls him a ‘jackwad’? lol, appropriate sentiment.. one woman’s jaw drops at hearing what the bigot is saying, and says she hopes her brother never acts like the bigot is.. the bigot does manage to get one male bystander on his side supposedly.. he tells john that that’s what terrorists do, they get jobs and blend in and then they strike! one soldier in fatigues comes in and the bigot tries to get him on his side, but he gets a shock instead that the soldier goes off on the bigot instead.. he tells john ‘if ur american, ur american, period’

WWYD? i’d be as appalled as most of the bystanders were. i’m not someone that sees all muslims or w/e as terrorists. u could be a terrorist and be white, black, w/e. ANYONE can be a terrorist and ANYONE can be an upstanding citizen! it’s wrong to jump to conclusions and make false assumptions, esp w/ such intense ramifications as saying someone is a terrorist and such… ppl need to wake up and realize that stereotypes are just that…

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this week, he’s at a applegate river lodge in the woods of oregon, the owners r divorced and he’s been just non stop smoking weed while she’s worried to death abt the debt. there’s 2 adult sons involved too but both have very diff ideas of what’s ok to do.. one is obsessed w/ music and it being LOUD to the point of cops being called, and the other is too technical and not-free spirited.. the wife and gf of the sons are involved in it all too and not a one has been able to save the place. GR pulls up and he’s curious abt the ‘smell’ LOL fox blurred out his joints LOL.. the owner finally shows up and brings him to his lil hut where 1st he says the smell is incense, then shows him the big stash of weed he has, at 1st saying it’s basil lol.. GR is put in the cattleman’s room where there’s dead bugs, stains in the carpet, etc.. lovely.. makes me really appreciate where i am right now lol..

GR confronts the two sons for keeping any profits they make for themselves instead of giving it to their mom to pay off the lodge’s debts.. after watching the musical performances, the brothers start a fight and the mom starts crying, worrying abt the state of her sons’ relationship, wondering if they ever got along… eventually, GR turns into a shrink again and tries to get the brothers to mend their relationship.. GR makes some updates of course, including some onlineness for the lodge, he updates the rooms and makes em not smelly anymore lol.. he also updates the restaurant menu and shows them all the new modern dishes :) if i haven’t been sick for days, i’d want some of that food! annnd GR leaves the family on a happy note.. turns out the brothers r getting along a lot better and things r going well for the lodge..

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so this week is the mystery box challenge and the elimination challenge.. so this time, the wannabes have a choice btwn 2 mystery boxes. leslie gets in trouble w/ JB tho for not properly seasoning his food lol. when it comes to judging tho, his food dish is a success w/ the 3. elizabeth, victoria, and leslie are all chosen as the most appealing 3 dishes.. leslie is chosen as the winner of the mystery box challenge, ugh just another reason to fill his overinflated ego.. he chose a very unique pasta dish for the wannabes to make.. and is given the chance to choose who will have a disadvantage, so he goes around teasing everyone like he’s a kid in the candy store.. what a jerkoff.. he ultimately gives it to daniel..

there’s a few hits and a few misses w/ the rest of the wannabes over their dishes.. cutter’s dish ends up being a hit, where GR even says he cooks like an angel lol.. jaimee does well too. willie’s is a big NO NO and GR ends up spitting it out :/// darn i really love willie… daniel, francis, and willie are chosen as the worst dishes ://// i hope willie isn’t eliminated! well sorta yay, francis is eliminated :/// sorry this was pretty short and all for anyone who likes longer blogs.. i’m still struggling w/ not being well and i was zoning in and out lol… i know my blogs have been less than stellar lately, i’ve had some duds ://// but pls every1, don’t give up on my blog… i’m just going thru a really hard situation right now and my life is completely falling apart… but i love my blog and it’s keeping me going, i don’t wanna lose the followers/viewers i’ve gained thus far, i truly appreciate every1 of u! so pls hang in there w/ me, and i hope that everything gets better asap so i can go back more fully to 1000000% for every1!

next epi, they do some cooking for a couple flag football teams in the team challenge lol..

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so i’ve been so stressed that i’ve even become physically ill.. lovely lil tmi i know.. but that’s y i haven’t been blogging lately. i’m trying to change that as i slowly get better.. btw, i’m in a place that has very limited tv channels so that sure doesn’t help the situation lol so plssss bear w/ me and hang on! i’m trying to do these blogs thru the websites that i’m able to…

‘inconceivable’ epi:

this epi starts w/ a college lecture where sex toys are mentioned lol! donnie surprises kate with a pic of a house that they could potentially buy in the near future, maybe… she gets a call tho that requires her attn, a baby has been kidnapped and the mother is pretty frantic abt it, understandably. awwww he’s only 8 weeks old! barely past the newborn stage :///// he was kidnapped while in the car and she was distracted doing other things, apparently, the father isn’t the most present in their lives.. a neighbor says that she’s always really exhausted and scatter brained a bit. anyone that reads my blogs knows i have a special place in my heart for all babies so this one is particularly emotional.. kate calls pierce and asks him to come by to ‘evaluate her mental health discreetly’ lol, even if she’s not the most mentally stable right now, it’s pretty understandable i’d say considering the situation atm… she admits to pierce that she’s been not sleeping really due to the baby having colic so she’s been stressed a bit. she swears tho that she’d never hurt her baby. my little brother had really bad colic when he was a baby, it’s no walk in the park, that’s for sure… but we just gotta keep in mind that it’s not the baby’s fault they have colic and they’re crying/distressed all the time….

at the local park, kate is about to talk to a random woman w/ a baby, but a woman w/ a baby gets spooked and runs off, she trips and the baby goes flying into the street b4 an oncoming car.. but the baby ends up being a baby doll.. and the baby doll ends up being the baby that was kidnapped! the kidnapper explains that her baby died at 7 weeks so she felt like she HAD to have the baby doll. i have heard of these dolls and some of them are CREEPY w/ how much they look alive!! i think it could be a way to ‘cope’ w/ baby loss and whatnot, but it can also clearly get out of hand like in this situation.. she explains how she got the baby and the baby maker, she had asked the doll to be made like hers she lost but he sold the baby doll to the other woman. she wanted to talk to the woman but saw the baby in the car and worried for his safety so she took him. the woman is reunited w/ the baby and donnie/kate both r pretty shocked at how realistic she feels it all is. she tells pierce it was an adoption.. pierce explains she has a fixed single delusion but it’s not worth hospitalizing her…
back at home, natalie appears to pierce VERY pregnant lol. she tells him he wants a baby considering he’s seeing her as pregnant about to pop lol.. he explains he doesn’t wanna pass on the schizophrenia to any child. kate and donnie check out various homes on the market but he’s def more enthusiastic abt it than she is atm. kate gets a call and turns out the woman is dead w/ her head bashed in w/ one of the baby toys :///// and the baby doll is missing but it’s not the original woman cuz she’s not around, so kate thinks it could be the ‘baby daddy’. seems he’s very in love w/ her and loved her sincerely tho. he was able to get transferred back home and went to the house to surprise her and see the baby, but saw the baby was a doll… pierce tries to explain that she genuinely loved the baby and didn’t have bad intentions ultimately, she was delusional and all.. he says that she was abused a lot as a child by her mom so they interrogate her.. she reveals that she DID have a real baby at one point…

so now they wonder y she gave up the real baby and replaced the baby w/ the doll.. and of course, what happened to the real baby! so while the dogs are sniffing for a body, pierce hears a baby crying hallucination and goes into the nursery closet. he sees a box and he hopes does not have a baby in it and thankfully it doesn’t! it’s a lot of pics and momentos… they consider the idea that maybe the baby isn’t dead, but given away so they talk to social services but they can’t say much cuz of confidentiality w/ the ‘safe haven’ rules.. they talk to a fire man and he admits she did hand him the baby, but later she admits she made a mistake. he admits he could see she was distraught and gave her back the baby… they wonder now if the grandmother killed the daughter and took the baby doll? back at home, pierce goes to open the front door and guess what’s right at his feet! a baby in a carseat!!! but of course, it’s a hallucination… can i just say that i love babies so much that i’m always saying i wish a baby would appear on my doorstep?! a few mins later, natalie is holding the baby and is still encouraging him to become a parent one day whether thru bio or adopted means. pierce starts rambling but then he notices the fire trucks on the baby’s outfit, so they go to the fireman’s home….

him and his wife/gf beg them to not take the baby, but kate says ‘he’s not ur baby!’ he finally tells the truth and says that they couldn’t conceive and she was worried she’d hurt the baby, shake him or something, and she had to leave him. so of course, the fireman and his wife/gf took in the baby as their own. he swears tho that they didn’t kill the woman. pierce hears a baby cry again but it’s a very fake doll. so kate and pierce pose as a couple w/ the baby maker. funny the guy seems to just do newborns, i was never a fan of the newborn stage lol, i like babies when they’re 4-10 months mostly lol… anyway, she mishandles the baby doll and he starts to freak so they reveal their true identities and point out how he cares tooooo much abt the baby dolls and seems he didn’t appreciate how she’s not properly caring for the baby doll so he went to her house and wants to take the baby back.. funny how he cares so much abt the baby’s care, but he was keeping the baby doll in a closed drawer! lol, how ironic and hypocritical…

so the baby daddy and baby owen are reunited. kate reveals to pierce she doesn’t want kids despite his wanting a bunch.. so pierce encourages her to tell donnie the truth abt how she feels. he takes it as she just doesn’t wanna live in a house so he resolves to have them live in the city w/ their kids… and she doesn’t say anything more cuz she doesn’t wanna upset him…. she’s gonna pay the price for that later… pierce does his lecture abt becoming parents and how it affects them.. and pierce goes to visit baby daddy and even holds the baby :) i really liked this epi personally, it was all abt babies and very diff aspects of it all, right up my alley in a lot of ways :)
epi ‘bolero':
pierce has an appt w/ the psychologist and he wants pierce to no longer talk to natalie ://// that’d be too bad, i love his interactions w/ natalie! odd cuz at 1st he was telling pierce to engage w/ the hallucinations, now he thinks he’s engaged too much and needs to get back into the ‘real world’. so he goes to an art exhibition thingy w/ dean. he gets mouthy abt a piece that dean is admiring and the artist? comes up and starts debating w/ him lol. while there, a man starts having a seizure? due to the flashing lights of one display and severely bangs his head on a bench.. wow, the man died ://// the man’s husband says that they didn’t have any light strobe things in it due to knowing he’s sensitive to that sorta thing, and it was potentially an intentional murder of the man so he goes to kate to talk to her abt it. they talk to his husband who explains past issues that caused them to wanna get security cameras.. and pierce sees the hallucination from the woman in the art piece he was talking abt b4.. pierce explains the art piece is a fake and that the whole thing was just an art heist!

they go to meet w/ the artist that pierce annoyed the other nite and kate proposes that he’s into her lol.. they talk more w/ the man’s husband and then watch the video and see a symbol for ‘chaos’ and they end up going to another murder scene :/// the chaos guy’s gf explains that he hacked the video but that’s it. pierce starts seeing the emphasis of the blue in the painting and spread to the FBI office walls so he tells kate to find out who got that color paint and maybe they’ll find the killer.. back at home, pierce starts playing the piano for the painting hallucination and natalie tells him to go apologize to the artist. he talks to her and apologizes but she tells him he was actually right on abt his interpretation of the painting/her.. they talk a bit and he starts kissing her!!! go pierce! lol :)

kate tells pierce that they found the guy who bought all the blue paint and turns out he became a bit of a recluse and suddenly quit everything in life to be a painter lol, so they locate him and he answers the door but doesn’t say a word and takes off into a room filled w/ diff forgeries of the painting.. while kate is interrogating him, he reaches for her and she stops him, but pierce explains he’s messed up and couldn’t possibly have the cognitive ability to kill.. apparently, his mind is stuck in a loop and it revolves around that painting. pierce plays some ‘bolero’ music while he talks to the man and during the talk, he sketches a face of the man.. he explains to kate how he killed the 2 ppl and all for a painting, he had wanted to be a painter artist and that he wasn’t adequate enuf to do so.. he was formerly in love w/ the artist but she had posed for another w/ that painting, he goes to talk to her and is quite obsessed sounding, she blows him off. he tells them that he burned the painting..

pierce goes to the artist and tries to get the truth from her. she tells pierce how she tried to manipulate his love for her to get him to get the paintings back for her. he admits he’s falling for her and worries she slept w/ him to get him to stay quiet. he convinces her that he’s in it for the long haul and she goes to pack her things.. but they open the door to kate and FBI, he tells her that the painting is in the suitcase.. pierce tells natalie that he has to give her up, he asks her to leave… he tells his college class ‘going cold turkey is a bitch’, don’t i know it! i’m only addicted to tv really, i’ve yet to meet a person that’s as addicted as i am lol.. and i’d rather go w/o food or something than tv! i need my shows to survive and being w/o em is a BITCH. as always, another home run by the ‘perception’ show!

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like i’ve said in previous blogs, i really have not been too thrilled w/ carter’s rebelling constantly and making foolish choices w/ drinking, etc. but i really hope that she’s maturing a bit and can show she’s able to make responsible decisions finally, she doesn’t wanna be treated like a kid, so she should show she’s more ‘adult’, otherwise she’s just working against her own goals and wishes. this whole experience should be making her wake up and mature, not turn into an immature child having fits cuz she’s not getting what she wants… yes, elizabeth is a hypocrite from hell a lot of the time and david’s motives for what he does isn’t really spot on morally lol, but that doesn’t mean she has to let her character go down the drain too… and poor taylor is being completely overlooked even more than b4 when carter was still missing.. but i think her recent connection and sooo obvious crush on max is gonna help her get out of her shell i hope.. and grant is a sweet kid w/ a lot of insight who’s sadly surrounded by family who are all out for themselves. he deserves better..

anyway, the epi starts w/ carter catching up w/ max at his new lil job at a conveniance store type and she harasses him to tell her what’s up. he tells her that he moved nearby cuz he’s worried abt carter and he tells her that lori is nearby too and lori wants carter to be w/ her instead, and u know carter is gonna wanna jump at the chance! back at home tho, she’s sorta establishing a better relationship w/ elizabeth.. how much it’ll work out, who knows lol.. elizabeth brings carter to work w/ her and what’s his name is trying to suck up a bit to carter to get on her good side, trying to get her to ignore that he spied on her and all the other bad crap he did to offend her lol… ugh, he’s such a sleaze, almost makes gabe’s unsavory character make sense.. LOL elizabeth shows carter how to break in using a battering ram and wow, it really makes her look a lot stronger than i’m sure she is lol.. awww, carter decides to give the battering ram a shot and actually knocks the door out of the frame! LOL..
back at home, toby comes over and talks w/ david. he hands him an envelope w/ a fun check inside it w/ 3 more and bonuses to come….. and WOW, he tells toby that he wants a divorce and that he knows she’s cheating on him 2x now.. but toby confiscates the check until they’re officially apart so she can’t take any part of his profits…

LOL at target practice, i admit, that looks sooooo fun! i love shooting, idk if i’d wanna shoot at fake ppl lol, but paper targets alone are tons of fun for me.. this is the most i’ve ever seen these two getting along, it must be nice for both of them, which means it’s gonna suck tons more when it all falls apart later lol… she gets a business call and they have to leave quickly.. shouldn’t the bulletproof vest be tons tighter on the person than hers was? elizabeth insists tho that carter not be involved and has her stay in the car. i really dunno how this keeps carter truly safe tho, i mean, maybe if elizabeth had dropped her off at some random location far away then she’d be safe.. but instead carter gets on the phone and gets out of the car, just to see a dead body which is exactly what elizabeth was worried abt.. and we see the unfortunate struggling of the wife w/ the officials that he’s dead, and carter witnesses elizabeth offering her true sympathy and compassion to the wife who’s crying in her arms b4 being taken away by police cuz she killed her abusive husband… it does bring up the major moral dilemma, is it ok to kill the person who’s been hurting u for however long? r they just as bad as the abuser, but worse cuz they’re now a murderer? is it ok to give the death sentence to a mass murderer? u do the same thing to him that u convict him for? anyway, this of course causes carter to bring up lori who carter sees as innocent but elizabeth obviously doesn’t..

back at home, elizabeth comes into the kitchen to try and make conversation w/ david who’s making some food. they’re very polite and kind to each other while secretly can’t stand each other for their separate reasons lol… what an odd dynamic to be in. he isn’t able to keep up the charade and exits, leaving elizabeth wondering what she said that was wrong.. carter checks in on taylor who’s in her room w/ max and he’s trying to help her w/ studying for the SAT’s and whatnot, but he literally picks her up and takes her elsewhere LOL.. meanwhile, grant is socializing w/ a girl he kinda likes thru video chat, that earlier, carter said they liked each other lol.. carter and max bring taylor to the friends’ hangout and they walk in to them all smoking and in some undergarments lol… and taylor is shocked and turns away covering her eyes LOL.. i admit, that’s not a sight i was expecting to see myself, but it’s still funny considering it’s sooo taylor to react like that.

carter is encouraged to communicate w/ lori thru max and have him be the go btwn, but carter isn’t sure abt doing this, like it’s using him… at home, david has calmed down and even seems a bit flirty w/ elizabeth lol, dr. jekyll and mr. hyde….. they chill out and watch a movie together and eat some popcorn.. he has her snuggle close w/ him and they reminisce a bit. she starts nodding off in his arms but the phone keeps buzzing so he takes off… meanwhile, taylor’s ‘invited’ to play ‘7 mins in heaven’ and she doesn’t even know what it is… taylor goes into the closet w/ what’s his name, and max is clearly a bit peturbed by this lol.. WHN tells her they can just talk or w/e for 7 mins, no big deal, but taylor insists that they just hurry up and start making out cuz she wants to get it over w/.. honestly, i don’t think this is the right move for taylor, she’s so emotions/feelings-based in who she likes, she’s not a random-hook up type.. 1st time anything should be w/ someone u care abt at the very least… but taylor seems to be taking it well and keeps on kissing him til the timer goes off lol.. they come out to some cheers lol… i’ll say, i’ve never done any spin the bottle, etc games EVER in my life, and i’m glad cuz that stuff isn’t for me lol…

taylor goes into the closet again but w/ gabe this time, and she literally JUMPS him and starts making out w/ him like there’s no tmrw! LOL, clearly she’s got a lot of pent up feelings regarding gabe that she’s using this as her 1 time to take advantage of the situation and get what she’s been wanting forever, gabe is literally in shock when the time ends LOL.. taylor goes into the closet AGAIN but this time w/ max lol.. meanwhile, bird takes the opportunity to start hitting on what’s his name… max and taylor’s making out is a LOT more tender and gentle, as it should be IMO. taylor and max both decide to leave, and gabe makes it a point to say to taylor he’s gonna call her.. and max sets things straight w/ carter abt lori and makes his feelings and boundaries known on the matter.. carter gets back home and accidentally walks in on taylor and max totally making out in bed lol.. elizabeth has a heart to heart w/ carter and tries to explain that she’s going to take one step at a time w/ carter now and let go of the reigns so bad..

outside, taylor and max kiss goodbye for now and lori shows up secs later to talk to max..lori is starting to sound scary SWEARING that carter is HER child but b4 max can get serious w/ talking to her, she vanishes lol.. ok forget the whole ‘stalking’ element, but just the way lori was sounding and coming across, she sounds borderline psycho now which isn’t gonna look good if she’s gonna try and get carter back lol… it’s really a shame we didn’t even get to see them say goodbye to each other or have that closure.. carter was just dropped into her old family’s home like she’s a package being delivered by fedex lol.. i think the least they could’ve done is let them have closure w/ each other on some level.. maybe then lori wouldn’t be so looney now… i really do think that taylor and max have a really genuine connection, he’s so kind and sweet to her and she needs a good guy like that… max really has grown on me and he’s someone that i’d be into too if i was taylor… but i do wish that taylor hadn’t gotten that kissing experience w/ 2 other guys mins b4 finally kissing max, it just adds on a slutty factor a bit, more than she’d ever have w/o that kissing game… but seems max doesn’t mind it cuz he’s the one she truly wants to kiss so maybe i’m just being a slight prude lol… and carter’s character didn’t annoy me in this epi for once lol.. she was pretty cool headed for the whole thing, who knows abt future epi’s, but at least in this one, she didn’t make me wanna throw stuff at the tv (or in my case, my laptop screen.. the new place i’m at right now doesn’t even have mtv as a channel :///). anyway, yay for carter making some emotional growth and progress! :)

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JENELLE: she is at a lil get together atm w/ nathan, and updating ppl on their current lives w/ nathan going to jail for a month and whatnot to face the consequences of his DUI and resisting arrest b4. they’re simply advised to do the right thing so they can get back to their lives and be parents to the baby and all.. jenelle and nathan talk a bit abt him going to prison for a month. she’s going to miss him and whatnot. but jenelle is particularly pissed that nathan will be going away and is isolating herself literally.. so nathan seeks advice and goes to comfort her.. nathan and jenelle get ready for court where he’ll be taken straight to jail right after. honestly, it’s just 30 days, not yrs… so they should just be happy w/ that lol… nathan keeps going back and forth w/ his manning up and wimping out.. he’s so annoying and everything w/ his general pride that he’s a good person (hard working, stable, etc).. yet he goes and does all this bullshit (DUI, drinking, resisting arrest, being an ass sometimes). the almost hypocrisy of his attitude vs behavior makes me cringe sometimes.. but then again, jenelle isn’t much different lol, so they’re kinda a fitting match for each other lol..

CHELSEA: she’s still struggling w/ the wedding event she did w/ landon and the ramifications of doing unlicensed aesthetician services lol, the whole thing is laughable to me w/ it’s absurdity but i do feel for her too. it sucks going thru legal issues and having what should be urs withheld from u due to stupid circumstances.. and of course, she’s also dealing w/ adam/aubree visitation bullshit and randy’s doing his best as always to help her thru it all. lol seems like he spends more time counseling his daughter than being a dentist?! while out w/ adam and a friend, aubree starts to have a fit so adam takes her elsewhere and gives her a talk.. i admit, i’m kinda impressed by this method of parenting he’s done just now.. and she handled the ‘discipline’ talk quite well.. seems in this moment anyway that he’s maturing a lot as a parent… he talks w/ his friend abt how he’s changing for the better all around so he can be a better parent to aubree and not drink anymore and whatnot… chelsea meets w/ a lawyer abt the whole ordeal and the prospects aren’t very good for her current situation of how she just bought a house and having aubree to take care of cuz he’s saying it’ll be about a month’s time b4 she can even have a chance at working legitimately w/ a license, IF everything works out in her favor lol.. in the car, chelsea calls her dad and fills in randy on the meeting and she’s getting annoyed a bit as they continue talking lol.

KAILYN: as we know, isaac has been struggling w/ being at jo’s cuz he misses his grandparents’ home.. but he’s seemingly adjusting a bit better.. kailyn decides to call jo and invite him and vee to isaac’s bday party, and brings up the idea of seeing the new lil home, he’s ok w/ that, but vee may not be.. well, it’s nice they were able to be civil w/ each other, and even polite lol, considering their past arguments! kailyn explains y they need to meet up w/ jo/vee for the sake of coparenting benefits and whatnot.. jo asks vee how he feels abt kailyn potentially coming over to see the home, and ugh, she’s still swearing in front of isaac like there’s no tmrw (i got real pissed abt her doing this in the ‘being dad’ special).. more or less, the visit goes fine and every1 is civil and getting along, to the point where they may go out together to get a bite lol, wow, these 4 r a group i never thought would be ok in the same room lol. lol, wow, kailyn even gives baby lincoln to vee to hold him! and vee makes an almost joking but could be insulting comment that there’s no denying javi is lincoln’s father lol (just saying, if taken differently, vee could be insinuating that there’s even any question or possibility that javi’s not the father lol).. while out, the 4 discuss the dynamics of being coparents to isaac and discuss some happy/positive moments, and kailyn expresses her wish that she hadn’t been so annoying abt meeting up b4, cuz it’s going so well and every1’s getting along fine, so she doesn’t even know y she was so worried that whole time lol. it is nice to see coparents getting along vs not..

LEAH: she’s currently doped up on anxiety medication she was prescribed due to stress w/ ali and whatnot. i’ve done anxiety medication sorta, in the past myself. i’ve seeked it out w/ the doctor cuz i have so many anxiety disorders and it’s just damn overwhelming 24/7.. but none of them seemed to work for me so i stopped bothering and just deal w/ my anxiety on the daily meds-free. it’s hard(!) but i’ve also been meds-free w/ anxiety for so many yrs, it’s a norm for me so it’s not like it’ll kill me lol.. she explains to corey a bit about how she’s been struggling and having severe anxiety due to ali’s condition and he partially sympathizes.. lol uhhhh leah is talking on the phone w/ someone abt ali and getting pretty incoherent, true anxiety meds can do that to ya, that’s y sometimes it’s almost less frustrating to ust deal w/ the anxiety than be a head zombie…she’s clearly slightly over/mis-medicated. she should def talk to the doc abt it.. leah talks w/ jeremy abt how the medication is making her feel, and he just keeps trying to tell her to tell the doctor..  she explains that she even took a lower dosage but still feels really messed up, thinking she feels like a druggie and ‘looks slow’, so she’s worried abt how it’s going to affect her being a mom and wife. so she asks him for support and understanding..

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ANNA: we meet the newest member, she’s 19 and was raised religiously, but defines sex as penis going into vagina lol, and just is waiting for the right guy. annnd she has a slightly complicated love life consisting of an ‘alex’ and ‘parker’. 1 is an ex she still hooks up w/, and the other is a love interest lol.. anna has alex over and and they head to her bdrm and immediately start making out and whatnot.. LOL, this show is like the lead up to sex scenes in pornos lol… while she’s hanging out w/ friends, her ex parker calls and shows up mins later, they go to talk in her bdrm and he tells her he wants her back and breaking up w/ her was a mistake. she tells him tho that she doesn’t want to be back together and she’s expecting male company lol so he exits… so anna has a lil party and everyone is dressed professionally but doing a lot of drinking and some making out.. so she and alex go to her room and do some stuff lol, he spends the nite.. she wants more w/ alex than being a booty call but she worries abt his reaction to that and losing their current status.. i have to say, yes, she’s technically a virgin, but she’s also just not! she does sexual and physical things w/ others and on a kinda slutty level lol.. if u can catch an STD/infection from what ur doing, ur having  a form of sex lol.. so to me, she’s not a virgin and shouldn’t be featured in this show… others may not agree, but hey, it’s JMO.. idk, she just strikes me as someone that’s giving ‘virgins’ a bad name of she is, but she isn’t.. and it’s not like she’s some ‘born again’ virgin lol.. am i making sense? lol

LUKE: him and jenni are just gonna be friends apparently. hmm that’s too bad.. he seems like a decent enuf guy… he talks a bit w/ others abt being a virgin and his limited sexual activity. he even explains that he was propositioned by a girl but when he was invited to her bdrm, he went to the bathroom and puked! awwwww! hmmm not much going on w/ him that was noticeable enuf for me to comment lol.. i’d rather have his time filled w/ more kyle time lol..

DOMINIQUE: last we saw, she was on a date w/ sain and i just can’t deal w/ his beard lol.. but he was alright w/ not having sex which is a good thing IMO. she admits she’s worried abt meeting a great guy and when she tells him she’s a virgin, he backs off.. i’ve had that worry myself! dominique meets w/ her new-mom sister and they talk abt various things from her being a new-mom, to their mom and how she’s affected them.. sain and dominique have a lil painting date and she tells him abt her various piercings including a very private one lol.. dominique has a heart-to-heart w/ her mom and expresses y she has such trouble finding guys is cuz of the experience of witnessing her parent’s marriage fall apart and the fall out from that.. i admit, last time i was talking abt dominique and her mom’s relationship, i was kinda siding w/ the mom a bit and thinking that dominique was just being too dramatic and emotional… bad i know, but now this epi has changed my mind a bit. her mom and her have a very complicated relationship as do most moms and daughters lol (including me and mine lol)..

KYLE: besides his being at strip clubs, i really do like kyle! he’s a really cute and sweet guy who deserves a nice relationship. he’s the kinda guy i’d have a crush on lol, IF he’d quit the strip clubs lol.. he’s back at home in RI tho so he has a lil date tonite w/ a friend, amanda and they plan to use the hot tub lol.. when they met, she was in a relationship but isn’t anymore so they’re now doing some kissing… his virginity keeps being brought up by her tho and it’s possibly killing the mood lol.. he does a video chat w/ a couple friends and he tells them how he got too nervous w/ amanda and they didn’t really get past making out. they suggest to him that he give various ‘hints’ that he does want sex, light fondling, caressing, etc lol.. kyle’s struggling atm, it’s his late dad’s 55th bday.. i really do feel for him, i lost my dad when i was 9 to a heart attack and he was 45.. he would’ve been 67 this yr if he was still alive… the month of may (his death anniv is may 31) is the hardest on me.. i wanna just reach into the screen and hug kyle! amanda and kyle spend some time together ice skating and keep making various sexual references lol.. amanda and kyle get a bit serious in the bdrm and the door is closed….. i wonder if this means the end of seeing kyle?! ://// awwwwwwwwww damn, he lost it, he’s a sexified person now!!! i’m gonna miss him!!! wait what?! kyle is gonna be in the next epi?!!??! well that’ll be a nice surprise lol :)

i’m still loving the hell outta this show lol, i don’t always agree w/ the participants of the show, and how/y they’re virgins per se, but i still think it’s great that mtv has decided to show this other end of the sex spectrum. so far, all of them are aiming to lose their virginity one day, but i’m still waiting for the select few who are choosing to not have sex ever (asexuals, etc), now those r the true minority on the sex spectrum! so c’mon mtv, get to finding these rare folks!

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yes, this is another show that i missed last week and am trying to make up for this week hopefully w/ last week’s epi and the newest one from 7/29/14 sometime if i can catch it reair, if not, then next week hopefully. again, i’m so sorry followers/readers for the lacking in my blog, i feel like i’m letting ppl down! :/// but trust me, this is not how i want my life to be right now, i’ll just put it that way.. so tv is severely limited for me right now more than what i’m used to. add in all the hell going on in my life, my blog has been my saving grace in keeping me grounded and sane! so i hope y’all stick around :) and pls keep in mind that i don’t have all my channels and def don’t have dvr, so that’s y my blogs can be very not-full like they usually are. but i guess for those that don’t like long blogs, this is a good thing? lol…

the next challenge starts and already, black is getting flack from other teams cuz they supposedly took all the vanilla all the teams need for the challenge lol.. next thing u know, the lights go out and there’s a bunch of stuff crashing to the floor! LOL, so buddy intervenes and says it’s a big prank to get them ready for the real challenge lol.. buddy announces the theme is HORROR and the cakes are for a horror legend :) (FREDDY KRUEGER btw which we know from the previews!) the teams pick other teams by cutting into cakes to see what color filling is inside :), cute lil method IMO :) just a few ideas include a sarcoughagus?, a zombie, and more :), and then buddy throws in the cool idea of restricting them by having one on each team wear straitjackets! :) so if anyone doesn’t know already, straitjackets are basically used to restrain someone from physically doing anything w/ their upper body/arms, so the ones in the straitjackets are mostly just nagging the other team members lol.. and i have to agree, there’s something so intriguing to me abt insane asylums!

lol the team members are now straitjacket free and get cracking on the cakes! so the cakes get finished for the most part, but then they face the challenge of being delivered in the truck, and we all know that the truck can end up destroying cakes w/ the driving and road bumps and whatnot …. awwwwww the cakes got messed up BAD!!! but FREDDY makes his appearance w/ a fork, knife, and spoon as his errr claws? lol!!! that’s a cute lil touch IMO. wow, so red team was eliminated :/// but the good thing for them is that their item will still be featured in the carrabba’s menu so they’ll have that notariety at least! LOL next epi, theresa caputo (TLC’s ‘long island medium’) will be the celeb.. personally, i don’t see the big deal abt her, i think she’s flashy and it’s a slight ‘turn off’ to me lol.. i prefer allison dubois from CBS’s ‘medium’ lol… allison is so much more humble and sincere IMO, theresa strikes me as someone that is less genuine and a bit superficial? *shrugs am i wrong??

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so this is another show that i wasn’t able to watch the 1st epi (season premiere) last wk so i’m really sorry, but i hope to be able to watch it somehow sometime… as GR fans know, he’s quit his ‘kitchen nightmares’ show so now it’s MC, HK, MCjr, and HH left on fox so i hope this show has a YRS long run :) GR goes to failing hotels and motels and B&B’s and does all he can to save it from closing down, while also acting as a counselor to the troubled owners and employees lol… this time he’s helping the monticello hotel that’s covered in patriotic american flags and such and has a lil motel next to it? also, the male owner has a drinking problem and has had a DUI literally right b4 GR arrived! so he finally arrives and wow, he’s put up in MOTEL part! but GR insists on staying in the hotel part instead LOL and he’s immediately appalled by the furniture in the room lol.. now i’m not at some luxury place myself, but it’s def better looking than the monticello hotel and for way cheaper than $250 a nite lol!

GR finally meets w/ the owners and he’s taken aback by the male owner’s jewelry lol, and the fancy cars he has too… funny how he has all that but his hotel is SHYT! they tell GR that the employees aren’t very good and loyal… GR decides to eat in the hotel’s lil restaurant and seems they serve food that has been frozen, etc. and we all know how GR feels abt NOT-fresh food! the waitress informs GR abt how the owner had just been arrested for the DUI and he’s in denial abt it, but he’s shocked to see the news article abt it LOL.. GR has everyone summoned to the dining room and tells the chef how he thought everything was horrible cuz nothing was fresh. the chef says they’re on a time constraint. lol GR points out that if the male owner sold his precious cars, he’d be able to afford to pay the staff to do things better and make various improvements lol.. very true! and now the DUI is brought up……

the hotel sees a rush of clients coming in to stay and eat in the lil restaurant, phillip seems to put on an act and does more than he actually normally does? so GR has the whole staff meet up and phillip’s drinking problem and general issues are discussed and confronted.. GR shows the staff a room w/ a black light and they see all the various bodily fluid stains on the mattress and such, and ugh my OCD has me itchy now.. the staff comes out and says how truly loyal and everything they are to the owners and hotel despite the poor pay and treatment, and GR has them leave so he can personally confront the male owner. he can’t give GR a legit answer for y he’s been bad lol so GR has him leave the room. poor GR slept in a sleeping bag in the bathtub…. the owners hear the feedback from the guests who stayed just 1 nite, and not a word is positive lol.

the female owner confides in GR abt her guy’s alcoholism problem and i’m really touched by her pleas and my heart goes out to her.. she’s so right on, it’s sooo hard to watch someone u love destroy themselves and there’s nothing u can do to stop it. it’s like watching a bus crash 50x over and ur frozen and just stuck watching it, unable to help stop it in any way… so GR arranges a staff intervention in hopes of pointing out that the drinking problem is a major issue he needs to stop.. at 1st, he takes off and doesn’t wanna listen anymore, so GR talks w/ him in the office and convinces him to get help.. man, ppl just dunno how much i wish an intervention could happen, so my life could go back to normal and stop being destroyed! but nothing can be done truly efficiently til they admit they have a true problem and seek help themselves. making them do it or w/e when it’s not their original choice never works far as i know, it’s gotta be their acknowledgement and choice to do it.. and idk how much longer i can ‘wait’ for this lil epiphany!

GR shows off the various renovations and makeovers for the hotel, including the motel sign being gone now lol.. he got 4 suites added to the roster so there will be more guests and profit, etc. the chef tells GR that he wants to be phillip’s sponsor when he gets out cuz he’s been 9 yrs sober himself, so the chef goes to tell phillip the offer and he accepts :) seems he has a new lil outlook on life and has high hopes of getting better, so i hope for his and the hotel’s sake that he does!

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in tonite’s epi, they’re gonna do a MC restaurant so couples can be romantic and have a nice lil meal :), and a special VERY VIP guest tonite will be GR’s wife! it’s back to the team challenge and they’re gonna be split into 2 teams, elizabeth and ahran start choosing their team members. WOW, ahran CHOSE to have leslie on her team lol! smh, i sure wouldn’t have done that, but she’s a team captain, so her choice lol… the teams get 1 hr to prep the most wonderful meal item choices which  include YUMMY lobster, filet mignon, etc. it doesn’t take long for the guests to start filing into the restaurant. various couples are celebrating anniv’s, special occassions, etc. so it’s sweet to see these happy couples..  i so wish i was one of them there at the MC restaurant :) and now, the debut of GR’s wife!!! :))))) i really love how GR is w/ his wife and kids, u really see his softest side w/ them, he’s so humble and loving as a husband and father.. i’m sure he’s rarely w/ them cuz he’s working so much but his wife seems great at holding down the fort :) and u know that he expects the most superior and spot on food and service for his family so the MC wannabes better pull it off or it’ll be the worst pressure test of their lives i’m sure!

lol all the wannabe’s are blown away by her beauty and grace.. GR and his wife sit at the table and encourage all the couples to kiss :) personally, i think it would’ve been nice if graham and joe’s wives (i know graham does, but idk abt joe?) had been there too :), just like the epi where their sons were all there lol :)..  meanwhile, the teams rush w/ mins to spare to get these dishes to the waiting couples in the other room. so far, the filets are not cooked enuf  on blue team, and red team is rushing to do perfect plating. the entrees seem to be a hit more or less w/ the couples, and the desserts are about to be served, i think the desserts all look great personally, idk if i’d pick these over a more chocolatized dessert tho lol.. being the wife of a major chef, u really do come to expect the best that the food world has to offer so i do think that by association and experience, that GR’s wife is pretty damn knowledgable and knows what she’s talking about :)…. awwwww one couple has a proposal :))) and she says YES! :))))))) it’s so depressing but uplifting to see love happen like that, for me right now, my life is falling apart and i’m powerless to stop it so this lil proposal is bittersweet to me, but i am very happy for the couple and hope only the best for them! good ppl deserve true love and all the happiness that comes w/ it! so the votes and such are collected and the teams are brought in w/ applause from the couples.. the winning team isssssss BLUE TEAM! ahran is personally very upset w/ herself for being the losing team captain since the red team will now be doing the pressure test….

lol wow, the pressure test is a small box of perfected chocolate truffles! the details are intricate,  the flavors are amazing, and u need to be really dainty w/ ur hands lol which cutter of course complains abt saying he doesn’t have the hands for doing this food item… so i can imagine he’s gonna bitch to death again… ugh! seriously, like i said b4, cutter sure didn’t pay attn to the true competition of MC where u have to be versatile and diverse in the methods, foods, and recipes u cook! so to think u’ll only have to do what u feel like doing is just wrong and i hope he fails miserably and is sent packing! the 3 discuss how ahran seems to be very uncertain abt herself now and may fail at the pressure test.. i have to say, all the stations really are looking pretty messy so i hope the end results aren’t so messy lol.

graham gives cutter’s a look and taste, he says visually they look like a 10, well despite cutter’s typical attitude he’s been having, graham compliments him on a great truffle.. joe gives his truffles a taste too and consider that maybe he’s rebounding w/ the 3 w/ a box of chocolates lol.. LOL and GR psychs out cutter lol! awwww, willie messed up his truffles :/// ahran’s r pretty avg and def could’ve been better :/// leslie’s truffles look horrendous honestly, and if i was GR, i’d be scared to put any of em in my mouth lol. they look very gross and i’m so not thrilled w/ the ingredients/flavor.. joe personally acknowledges that he was wrong abt cutter and he’s sent up to the balcony lol. i really think he’s gonna go back to being jerky the sec things don’t go his way so we’ll see how long this cutter high lasts… ahran is safe thankfully, i’m glad cuz she’s a fave for me, she def shows her age lol but i can’t help it, she’s a fellow asian female lol so she has that working for her IMO.. so i truly hope it’s leslie who’s sent packing!  buuuuut, it’s christine :///// damn leslie just keeps on scraping by w/ his decent dishes but i truly hope his HORRIBLE attitude gets him booted b4 the finale! christine is thankful for her MC experience and accepts the elimination, hugging the 3 and saying ahran will be the winner lol :)

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hey every1, i’m so sorry my blog has been lacking lately. so much has been going on, my life is basically falling apart right now and everything is still extremely messed up on my end so i’m still not at home.. so this blog entry is for the latest epi ‘it isn’t what you think’… and sadly, i’m unable to watch the epi from last wk cuz i missed it being on tv so far and like i said, i’m not at home to be able to watch it on the dvr. and i just checked all my options online, darn abc family website doesn’t support directv tho so i can’t watch it that way either :/// [btw, if any1 knows of any website that's not virus filled, that i can watch the epi from last week, pls let me know lol :)].. oyyy so for anyone who goes to my blog for this show, i’m sorry…

so last i saw, poor angelo had unfortunately died in a car accident and some of his organs and such were donated, it came up that he likely died from extreme stress causing an aneurysm, which daphne figured is due to regina’s fight w/ him secs b4 he took off in the car. so now daphne is basically out for blood lol.. [btw, i missed the 1st 5ish mins cuz i was elsewhere heating up food and happened to catch the show when i was changing channels..] but apparently what i missed was daphne and travis both getting their gallaudet admission results…. and right now, daphne is giving major ‘tude w/ regina in front of the boss who had just said his condolences… and sharee talks a bit w/ toby catching up on what’s been going on. LOL wow, and apparently, tank is toby’s new roommate?! what a loyal brotherly move on toby’s part.. idk y toby would agree to do this anyway… but now bay and tank gotta deal w/ the major awkwardness of sitting together in art class lol.. bay tries to talk a bit w/ him, and tank offers his condolences too for angelo. so i don’t get y tank is sticking around for the time being but campbell seems to be gone for good??? tank is such a bad character IMO, and i wish he was gone, but campbell i still enjoyed despite the fallout w/ daphne i basically predicted lol..

speaking of daphne, she’s trying to deal w/ the ass-ish guy that was messing w/ regina b4.. hearing that she’s not too thrilled w/ regina right now, he ultimately encourages her to join him in messing w/ her lol.. back w/ toby, he tries to smooth things over w/ sharee’s teacher on her behalf but it seriously does not work.. and i have to agree w/ the teacher. it was not a ‘sudden’ assignment so she had plenty of time to do it, and yes life circumstances happen, but that doesn’t give sharee the ‘right’ to get an extension or exception, it’s unfair to the other students who do the right thing. meanwhile, travis and melody talk and he’s not thrilled that his one chance at college isn’t working out then he quickly ends the discussion w/ saying he’ll move out after graduation so he’s not a burden, melody isn’t really able to convince him he’s not.. i can’t say i blame him for feeling that way, i know i constantly worry abt being a burden to others and literally just said the same thing to someone a bit ago lol…

now bay has to tell emmett abt the dinner w/ tank and his dad she agreed to do earlier to help smooth things over w/ tank telling his dad he depledged.. really, i don’t think she owes tank anything, but her guilt over y they broke up is causing her to feel obligated.. so u know, if it goes bad in any way, u know he’s gonna blame her and think it’s her fault lol, any1 see this happening?! while hanging out, travis is offered the chance to maybe work at a friend’s job too, i hope it works out ultimately and it’s not a bad idea, travis needs a couple breaks in life! meanwhile, daphne starts to let loose w/ #DAPHNESREVENGE lol, they do some tagging, destroying, and general messing up. yeah, this is gonna end well i’m sure… and of course, he starts sticking some sand into the gas tank of the construction vehicle and starts vandalizing it more, giving daphne the crowbar? now…

sharee’s teacher confronts toby for going behind her back to still try and pull for sharee…but next thing u know, he starts to kiss her! LOL, well that’s gonna make things even more awkward w/ sharee.. and they head into his apt and put a sock on the doorknob……… tank finally comes out to his dad saying he depledged, and bay tries to defend tank saying that he did the right thing cuz the frat was bad.. lol tank makes things worse saying he’s enjoying vegetarian food and mentions meditation lol… then tank and bay have to explain their current status as just friends lol. but tank can’t take anymore and finally tries to set his dad straight and ‘get over it’, so in response, his dad dumps a shitload of $ on the table (i’d love to reach into the tv and take that $ btw lol) and takes off w/o another word… seriously, so predicted that this would go bad! and i’ll be shocked as hell if tank DOESN’T put the blame on bay!

daphne tells him how she’s on probation and why, and for w/e reason, he’s turned on by this and starts making out w/ her??!?!?! he starts taking off her clothes a bit right then and there, but she stops him and says they should leave lol… wow, how classy, being ready to do it right after vandalizing lol… melody expresses her feelings abt travis’ situation to her beau who suggests maybe he try a hearing school… hmmmm so bay kisses tank’s ass a bit and asks to be friends again, so he agrees.. i admit, i’m pretty shocked that for the moment anyway, tank is not flipping on bay lol… but i do predict it to happen later on at some point when it sinks in that his dad reacted the way he did…. after their sex, toby and the girl talk a bit and he immediately brings up sharee again, just like i knew he would.. and of course, she’s still sticking by her views on it all. but w/ his motives now known, she storms out.

regina’s boss and her go to the vandalized site and he’s pissed abt it all, saying that they’re stuck in a hole right now w/ this project and will have to depend on ‘the bad guy’ to get thru this. i personally think that daphne should’ve left some clue abt how she was one of the vandalizers that only regina would know, rub it in more lol.. meanwhile, melody congratulates daphne on getting into gallaudet but daphne isn’t sure she’s going to go. she tries to explain how regina is a diff person and melody tries to explain that it just means regina needs her more than ever right now, but u can tell by the look on daphne’s face, she’s immediately feeling guilty as hell for the vandalizing. she texts regina and i figure she’s hoping to make amends.. toby tries to explain to the teacher that he wasn’t trying to use sex w/ her to help sharee. she explains that her little brother is deaf and he was babied/spoiled by everyone so he was only hindered by that, so that’s y she won’t do it to anyone, it’ll hinder them and their growth.. daphne goes by the office to see regina, but she sees them talking to ‘the bad guy’ and she storms off in the car… these two soo need to go back to the closeness they used to have. regina just keeps on messing things up and daphne rightfully holds her accountable for it all… c’mon regina, wake up and be better for ur daughters!!!

melody has a video conference call w/ the gallaudet and offers the idea of a satellite gallaudet university? and they seemed interested in the idea :).. but travis gets told by his friend that the place is hiring now and he has a good chance.. so travis seems he’ll want to quit high school and the car wash… daphne meets up w/ the guy and immediately starts making out w/ him?! well just WOW, all that cheering on i did for daphne w/ campbell and he’s just gone it seems while she QUICKLY moves on w/ a bad boy lol. i think daphne is a good person and she stands up for what she believes in, that’s for sure lol, but she makes some really impulsive decisions w/ her love life lol.. does she really think that this lil relationship is gonna be long term?! seems right now anyway that she’s just looking for revenge against regina, some fun, and hooking up? so maybe this will be fitting for her mind state right now..

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1st scenario: a lil girl decides to do her own artwork on a few art pieces in a lil restaurant, so will the bystanders stop her or think she’s being adorable? lol.. her mom (traci) doesn’t wanna pay for the damages or anything tho and comes up w/ proposterous solutions lol like having the bystanders also pay for the damages LOL.. hehe other bystanders literally take the marker from her and bring her back down from standing on the chair LOL.. i’m glad that every1 that does physically grab her is doing it in a safe way (underarms) rather than grabbing her hand or w/e that could hurt her.. LOL the next set is a couple women who tell her not to do this but also think she’s cute lol.. they’re too busy encouraging her artistic creativity lol. but they do inform traci what she did and this time, traci tries to have them quickly escape so they don’t get in trouble. so after, the women talk to the waitress abt what she did, and they even offer to buy it to make up for the damages.. wow, that’s going above and beyond… LOL all the diners get to bring home a personally signed piece of art too lol…

WWYD? wellllll, i can’t tell u how many times i’ve wanted to snatch up kids who put themselves in dangerous situations where they could get hurt. for instance, u know u’ve seen lil ones in carts standing up or w/e and u just know they’re gonna fall… yeah, kids like that, and i have to really fight myself to not just snatch up these kids the parents clearly aren’t paying attn to or they don’t see the harmful possibilities of their kid getting hurt by doing that… so for that reason, i’d likely bring her back to the floor so she doesn’t get hurt from standing on the chair… but idk if i’d stop her from drawing on the art pieces lol, or at least not instantly like the other women were lol.. and i sure as hell wouldn’t be paying for that child’s damages to the art pieces, that’s on traci lol..

2nd scenario: an intoxicated valet driver and how the bystanders deal w/ him and what he does.. he keeps running over a couple things and asks the bystanders who witness it to not say anything lol.. for the most part, ppl don’t wanna be mean and turn him in, i guess what he did isn’t severe enuf to make ppl feel they should turn him in lol.. but seriously, if he ran over someone or something, i’d hope they’d wanna turn him in then! one woman tho insists the police and whatnot should be called cuz he could easily cause an accident where someone is hurt…

WWYD? i’d be concerned that he’d cause someone to get hurt w/ his antics but idk if i’d be brave enuf to really step up and confront/stop him… and this doesn’t seem like something that would stir up my need to help/confront anyway…

3rd scenario: revisiting the homeless man being brought into the restaurant and given money to get some food.. and the bartender wants him to leave, but the man sitting next to him insists that he should be served the food he asks for.. so he starts to call 911 on the bartender after the bartender initially takes the $20 from him and refuses to serve him… next time, a couple women don’t want the homeless man there and partially agree w/ the bartender that he shouldn’t be inside the establishment.. gosh how rude…. another couple of men straight up ignore the homeless man’s pleas and pretty much tell him that it’s out of their hands since they don’t own the place or anything. one of them tells john ‘wrong place’… all these horribly rude snooty ppl, u know that they would want dignified treatment from others if they were homeless!

one man sorta laughs off the situation at 1st and after, he goes thru the menu to bring him some food. he admits to john that he’s had hard times in life too and thought it was just the right thing to do cuz he’d want someone to do it for him too.. an older gentleman immediately stands up for the homeless man, when he asks for water, the older man slides his own water over to him. the bartender gives him another glass of water, and personally i’d just slide my new one over to him i was the older man. after the bartender takes the $ from him, the older man calls him a prick LOL right on! he tries to teach the bartender a personal lesson abt having sympathy for others esp if u’ve had hard times urself…

WWYD? like i said, when we were in vegas, there were a lot of homeless on the strip. and we gave all our leftovers to the various homeless, trying to give it to diff ppl each time. every1 was appreciative and i’m someone that would much rather give my food than my $. if they’re truly in desperate need of help, they’ll want the food.. and these days, too many use the $ for other things instead and i don’t wanna contribute to anyone’s drug/alcohol use.. at least w/ food, i know i’m helping to sustain their life. and like i said in the blog for this scenario b4, i’d rather bring the man to another business that will treat him right rather than giving that place any profit.. yes, the bartender needs a lesson in kindness, but that doesn’t mean he deserves my $.. so i’d bring the man elsewhere and stay w/ him the whole time to make sure he’s treated right..

4th scenario: a man making an obnoxious coffee order lol, and the bystanders who are stuck behind him and his ridiculously elaborate order lol.. but then the man gets rude w/ the employee when she doesn’t do his order immaculately perfect.. one female bystander offers her sympathy and compassion to the employee for his deplorable attitude.. lol one woman tells john she wanted to punch him lol! one woman politely and quietly advises him to be nice and calm down. but they change it up to a mean barista lol.. and ppl r really struggling to be nice to her lol..and i kinda missed the rest but what i did see was the end where the girl was a good sport abt this being WWYD lol…

WWYD? 1st of all, all these damn orders are so fucking ridiculous w/ the details and specificity of it all, i could NEVER work at starbucks! i don’t even drink coffee or anything related to it lol.. so u’d never catch me in a starbucks ordering a drink order, or being a barista for that matter.. there’s no way i could keep my own order straight, nvm any1 else’s lol.. most i get at starbucks is something like their food treats lol…

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[quick note: i'm so sorry every1 that reads these blogs for MC that i have to do it late again, all i can say is thank goodness fox reairs it on fri's! again, i'm still in a very difficult situation right now and so i'm not able to use my usual tv perks but i'm still trying to delve out my blogs to every1 cuz it's no one's fault that i'm in this situation... so pls continue to bear w/ me as i try to keep on blogging, but still am dealing w/ a very unexpected life circumstance curveballing me. i hope like hell it's resolved soon but my hands r kinda tied right now so idk...]

so the mystery box challenge begins and holy shit!!! those salmons r fucking huge!!! i can see y they’re called king salmon, my gosh!!! lots of the wannabes are particularly thrilled to get a crack at these rare beauties.. GR will be fileting a king salmon alongside the wannabe’s! i LOVE watching him cook and truly wish we could see him cook more often than just occassionally in his shows.. he’s a master at food and cooking, and i can’t resist when he says his famous ‘DONE.’ at the end lol :) anyway, now, GE is doing the cooking for the king salmon and he’s another one that i wish i could watch cook more often than just occassionally, he’s amazing and started out so young… hehehe and GE adds his own ‘done’ b4 serving it to JB :) uh oh, suddenly elise is needing the medic and has to sit in the chair, w/ GR holding her up b4 that! i hope she’s ok! her hand was shaking pretty badly….

uh oh, so all GR said is that she’s left the MC kitchen, so idk if that means permanently or what, ohhhh ok she just returned thank goodness so i hope she’s ok?! hmmmm seems like it was a partial panic attack?? all she said was it was nerves and whatnot related.. well i know how panic attacks r for me, so if that’s what it was for her, i feel for her! btw, of course JB complimented GE’s finished salmon dish lol, were u expecting him to say it sucked? lol… it’s crazy tho that those huge salmons are reduced down to just a small rectangle (filet) of it, seems like more of it should’ve been used instead of wasted, poor fishes! i’ve had salmon b4 but mainly just as canned salmon cakes that my mom would make lol. they were alright but obv fresh would’ve been better lol.. GR announces christian as the 1st to be called up for tasting his dish. all 3 r impressed w/ christian’s and next is courtney of course, a few aren’t too thrilled w/ this cuz they’re envious she seems to be a judges’ fave.. 3rd is elizabeth and even leslie had something to say abt this choice lol..

christian is the mystery box winner, so he gets brought to the pantry and is told he doesn’t have to cook in the elimination challenge.. and each of the 3 will be choosing their own basket of ingredients they want to require the wannabes to use that christian will choose.. JB has a bunch of wine and italy-inspired ingredients for fine dining.. GE is all abt the farmer’s market.. and GR is all abt the UK in his basket. all of the wannabes struggle to carry the basket filled w/ wines, etc (JB’s basket), i admit, i was thinking this would be the harder one to do out of the 3. christian gets to choose which one will have a time restraint and he picks courtney of course lol.. hmmm, jerky cutter is doing a pizza lol, ahran is doing a savory tiramisu, etc.. i personally LOVE tiramisu, when it’s done right! so i hope that ahran pulls it off… sadly, elise is still rattled and starting to lose the fight to stay in the competition.. she messed up the dough she was gonna use and has to make some new choices..

GR is feeling some sympathy for her and jumps in to help save her dough :) i really love his soft side, as the judge, he didn’t have to help her, he could’ve let her sink. but he sees the kindness in her and helped her :) 1st to be judged is courtney, she did a spaghetti dish and the 3 r impressed w/ it considering the time constraints. LOL cutter is getting into the shitter w/ GR again calling his lil pizza dish an ‘artisan’ pizza and GR deeply disagrees lol…. quite honestly, it looks like colorful dog food on a small circle of flattened dough lol.. JB is personally insulted by cutter’s choice in what he cooked w/ his personally chosen ingredients that have personal meaning for him as they’re very wonderful amazing ingredients. so he spit out the food and cutter is sent back to his station which doesn’t look like it’ll be his station for long lol.. leslie is next and gets a mixed response from GE, his plating is horrible!!!! willie did a fail too and points out he scores it a 1 lol.. GR is initially worried abt ahran’s savory tiramisu but he’s pleasantly impressed and once again comments how her age is def not a limitation in her ability! elise is up now and she’s being very critical of herself, and sadly her dish is a bit of a fail too. GR asks if she’s given up, and she says she’s not but the proof is in the pudding!

ahran is chosen as one of the best and GR asks for those who did the worst to raise their hands.. initially, cutter does raise his but then doesn’t the 2nd time, kinda arrogant IMO to not wanna admit that his was the worst.. but now, GR is pointing out cutter’s attitude atm and it’s abt time! so he better be eliminated! UGH damnit, cutter makes it to another week?!!!?!?!?! elise was eliminated :///// yes, she seems to have lost her emotional stamina for the competition, but cutter def needs to go away! his personality is disgusting much like jass-on’s from this season’s HK! some just can’t handle the competition and cancel themselves out, sadly this was elise’s time to do that… she’s such a sweet person too, if only she hadn’t given up, then cutter would’ve been leaving!

ooooooo GR’s wife tana will be coming to the MC dining room (!) to eat so u know they better not fuck it up! if she gets food poisoning or even tastes a crappy crumb of food, there will be HELL TO PAY LOL

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last we saw, carter and david hugged as father and daughter, and lori was secretly looking on and was PISSED! the epi starts tho w/ a lil art piece dedication to carter.. and it’s a big fae shot of her w/ part of her face melted off showing her skull?? and kinda understandably, she says full on that she hates it.. [btw, i think the intro song for the show is SO SPOT ON!].. back at home, every1 says they liked the art piece personally..

carter is even more upset when she sees a shitload of copies of the painting all over the school walls lol.. she feels completely betrayed by a girl who’s supposed to be her friend… back at the house, max tries to help w/ laundry but ends up messing it up, elizabeth is pretty polite abt his mistakes and it’s nice to see her not being a bitch for once lol.. still at school, bird posts the papers again and carter tries to tear them down again and this time, they end up in a girly pushing fight where gabe and what’s his name have to break them up lol.. but one of the school staff comes along and makes the boys leave while the girls are left to settle things..

max is abt to leave cuz he feels like he’s overstaying his welcome a bit but he better establishes a potential connection w/ taylor, but then he sees lori at the gas station! so they sit down and get to talking abt how carter’s been doing and everything. lori is pushing on stalkery ways tho and even max is pointing out how messed up it all is lol.. annnd david bought a car for the kids and at a lil gathering w/ elizabeth’s parents, taylor gives carter a tip to call their grandmother ‘gammy’? and she couldn’t have been more thrilled! elizabeth tells david she thinks she’s more his accountant than his wife, and of course she’s making out w/ what’s his name in the next scene and swearing it’s over w/ david…

bird arranges a lil dinner party for carter and friends, that taylor ends up cooking for, and max shows up announcing he’ll be able to move in cuz he’s getting a job and his parents said he could stay whereever.. then the friends all wanna sleep over so they set up some bed sheets tents in the living room, and taylor warns carter that elizabeth will freak when she sees this.. but instead elizabeth shocks them and is fine w/ it, even saying it should always be that way… privately, carter and bird talk abt her other pieces where someone is wearing a ‘mask’ and they embrace… hmmm next time, max tells carter that lori’s around!

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so idk abt any1 else, but i’m still seriously loving this show, i’m so glad that MTV is exploring the other end of the sex spectrum! the minorities of the world need to be showcased more in our society so hopefully there will be less teasing, miseducation, etc and maybe ppl will get along better as time goes on.. i know i’ve dealt w/ my share of being teased and whatnot for being a virgin and it’s not easy or enjoyed lol.. so it’s nice to see others in the world who r going thru what i have… VIRGINS UNITE! :)

a 21 yr old is the newest virgin to the mix, his name is luke.. he was raised in a religious family and was taught that sex is something u don’t enter into lightly lol.. he’s never had a gf, but he’s done more than he sorta morally should’ve done lol, and he realizes he should wait for the right girl to do this stuff w/.. luke gets some insight and advice from his dad on the whole matter too while he’s cutting wood lol. luke reflects on a girl, jenny, he used to know that he says he ended up leading her on :/
luke is enjoying his time w/ jenny and even says ‘she’s the one that got away’ so i wonder if they could make things work and have a lil relationship..
back to dominique, 1st thing she says she hates the hormones part of being a virgin lol, i’m sure she’s not alone in that.. for me, i don’t really feel those hormones or hornyness that 99% of the world does lol.. *shrugs.. her grandma keeps pointing out to her that she needs to be less picky and not let what happened w/ her parents affect her so much.. dominique’s finally trying to let loose and be less picky abt guys, so we’ll see if she can pull it off or not lol. dominique is hanging out shopping and get some advice and insight from her relative who’s a young single mom.. dominique is now on a casual lil date w/ sain? and omgosh he needs to get rid of that beard!!!! i can’t deal w/ facial hair, never have, never will! it goes more or less well but idk if he’s a good match for her lol..
more w/ mikaela too, and the 1st thing she says is she’s done oral and gotten it in return lol.. last we saw of her, she was seriously making out w/ a guy in the garage at a party lol, but now she’s in the car w/ girl friends.. and they head out to the boardwalk to get matching tattoos of arrows, while also checking out a few guys along the way.. personally, i think the tattoo artist is decent looking lol :) what can i say, i got a thing for skinny white guys w/ tattoos.. lol.. lol mikaela and her friends r hanging out at the hot tub and a young fella comes along and flirts a bit w/ em, then admits he does have a months long gf lol so they immediately exit. mikaela talks abt how she wants to lose her virginity to someone meaningful and worth it, not a one night stand or anything meaningless..
poor kyle, they’re at a club dancing around and he’s having to watch his crush, tabby, dancing w/ every guy she can.. she’s a bit whoreish lol at least that’s the impression i get.. so idk y he wants her so bad, he’s just gonna be sorely disappointed by her spreading her attn around to every guy and everything.. lol wow, he’s gotten the guts to ask her out on a lil date, but she’s hesitant and a bit blunt abt the whole thing… i really dunno what he sees in her, seems to be just plain infatuation w/ what he thinks she is, rather than what she really is… so i hope he’s not disappointed when he sees her for real..

so the date’s finally happening and she’s still insistant she hates surprises so it’s a bit awkward and somehow her cockyness turns him on?!?!?!? [his words lol] awwwww and just like i thought, the date was a disappointment for him and she was standoffish, cocky, rude, w/e u wanna call it.. poor guy.. i hope his crush on her is over now tho, he really is a nice guy and deserves someone who will appreciate him and treat him better… hmmm so thankfully kyle is now infatuated w/ another girl he knows named amanda.. she seems a lot kinder and she isn’t bothered by his being a virgin.. she actually seems to care abt his feelings and thoughts, unlike stupid tabby lol..

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[just a lil reminder, circumstances have changed for me as of late so my tv blogs may suffer a bit for it but i'm trying to keep up w/ it cuz it's not any readers/followers faults what's going on in my life lol, so i hope my blogs r still good enuf in y'all's eyes :) but yeah i'll just say i don't have the usual tv perks (dvr, etc) i'm used to for the time being] in the past, we see how molly and john came to the decision to have ethan as their son.. he’s hyping up ethan as a great child for them to raise as their own and teach him how to be human (since he’s a humanich). ethan wants john’s support and presence but he has to turn ethan down.. while molly is out on a jog, she’s approached by the boss who also points out, like sam did b4, that molly is having the same issues and needs to be checked out and whatnot..

at the school, john and molly have to deal w/ a bunch of parents of other kids who r concerned abt ethan’s presence and his being not human.. molly takes over and seems to hopefully calm them down and make em shut up abt their needless judgments and concerns.. somehow, molly finds an odd design/logo on the wall and she snaps a pic of it.. while out driving tho, she notices a black van following her and it ends up being someone from work who was trying to give her the tracking device she left at work b4 lol… back at home, molly secretly checks out the pic of the logo/design again and doesn’t seem to know what it’s abt.. molly and john throw a lil party for molly’s bday at their house and sam takes a sample of her blood, but right after, she has pain again and another flashback where he tells her it’s ok while she’s laying on the floor nearly passed out…

after a lil blackout during the party, ethan reveals to john that molly’s been keeping a secret and he goes to ask her abt it.. john figures out this is y ethan’s been diff is cuz he’s not supposed to keep secrets and whatnot.. she finally tells him that her bosses did something to her during the mission and everything so at least she’s finally taken steps in telling john abt what’s happened.. also, there’s a lil special guest that shows up at the party – tim.. he just interacts w/ molly tho which is suspicious…. as the party ends, molly mentions how she wants to say bye to tim so she asks where he is, but john explains there was no tim there… and when molly looks at the party pic that he was supposedly a part of, there’s no tim in the pic either! man, molly is just being fucked w/ all around by every1! molly gets in the car w/ the boss but pretty soon, sam warns her to get out of it.. and things don’t go too well…… well, next week, something happens to ethan?!

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i missed the 1st couple mins but apparently they experienced a lil earthquake and so when i finally changed to the channel, leah was going around the house to see if anything was affected by the earthquake since CA gets em a lot. leah goes over the emergency list of items they need to get and angelo is confused by the mere idea of an ‘emergency blanket’ lol..

lol leah is freaking out on trish for wanting to take stuff off the street curb like homeless ppl and hoarders lol.. btw, the other day, i was approached by a seemingly homeless man asking if i wanted their flat screen tv and movies cuz they’re homeless and need money.. ok well i’m in my own dire situation currently so i couldn’t help even if i wanted to, but i didn’t see any flat screen tv or movies, just them and their lil dog… so idk what the guy was talking abt, but if they need money so bad, y not bring the stuff to the pawn shop? there’s 50 million of em here in AZ! one just a couple blocks away from the spot we were at even!

meanwhile, angelo is saying ‘ma-che-te’ instead of ‘machete’ so he’s being teased lol.. and leah/trish finally make it to trish’s house and leah immediately jumps in abt how trish needs professional help lol.. i’ve lived in a minor hoarding home and it’s not fun, u gotta walk thru narrow(!) walkways, and u can never find anything.. which is y my room was the only one that had any organization, NO walkway cuz it was just a clear floor lol.. hehe angelo and george go shopping for the emergency essentials and instead buy a bunch of other crap instead of course lol.. and leah walks into the house w/ a bunch of random crap from trish’s house LOL and holy shit, the mask leah brought back, it plays music?! so they all start dancing to it LOL

haha i love it, angelo summons them outside to see all the stuff they bought and angelo can’t even think of a good reason for buying it all (‘tsunamis’ etc) vicki and george take a very short ride in the lil blow up raft, and leah and sofia do some potato sack race w/ the sleeping bags angelo bought lol.. this family is so quirky and great, i can see y they were given a reality show :)

[sorry y'all, i was only able to fully catch the 1st epi... but from what i saw of the 2nd epi, shannon gets a very interesting adult theme cake for her bday lol, so if u can, check it out :)]

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who’s gonna win? it’s male vs male in this finale, jass-on vs. scott.. obv i’m voting for scott, and i’m so mad that jass-on even made it to the finals but w/ the way the competition was going, i knew he would make it ugh!!! sadly, he hasn’t been underperforming in the kitchen, but still, his damn attitude drives me nuts and i wanna kick him in the balls. arrogance and whatnot is SUCH a turn off to me, makes me wanna throw things at ppl like that.. the finalists hear from GR that they’ll be going on a luxurious reward trip overnite and shit to start off the finale lol. right when they’re abt to eat some food again, their loved ones walk in and surprise the finalists.. i really do think that jass-on’s gf is crazy to be w/ him, he’s soooo arrogant and disgusting… scott is winning me over tho w/ his spending time w/ his kids… but it doesn’t last long as the sous chefs whisk them away so they can have some fun w/ GR instead.

so scott and jass-on r to go head to head in a ring after cooking their best 5 dishes in 1 hr, each dish judged by some famous/well known chefs, each giving a score out of 10 for each dish from each wannabe, typical of the finales for HK. scott gets the favoring remark and comment for the 1st dish – salad. they both get an 8 for the hot app dish. both get a 9 for their individual chicken dishes too, so it’s damn close atm.. scott only gets an 8 for the fish dish, but jass-on gets a 9 ugh!!! scott gets a 9 and jass-on needs a 10 to win, but damnit i’ll be pissed if he gets it! YES! jass-on got an 8!

now the former wannabe’s are all brought back as is usual format for finales lol, so they get right to choosing who will be on their teams. melanie and rochelle r both annoyed at the guys’ choosing guys for their 1st couple choices.. really, they should be choosing based on the former wannabes’ strengths and ability to work w/ a team and leader. during prep the next day, some of the formers are giving the finalists a hard time in general lol, and it’s kinda funny to watch.. that’s one thing u have to remember if u make it to the end of the competition, that u need to get along w/ all the formers, otherwise, they’ll be too damn tempted to screw u over when u need em the most!

nice to see so many familiar faces from my other shows in the dining room :) (‘general hospital’, ‘shameless’ to name a couple!) the tickets start coming in and sandra is back to her old ways of being a lazy fuck, annnd just like i knew he would, jass-on can’t handle having females on his brigade and he’s calling sandra a ‘dumbass’ and being a chauvanistic jerk i always knew him to be.. the damn guy is a sexist and can’t handle women in the kitchen, he thinks they’re all dumb and useless.. i hope no one forgot his completely absurd outburst at one female in the beginning of the season, the moment i’ve been holding against him from the get go! (of course, anton ended up being no better lol) he’s just a bad leader and boss, he’s not trying to get the best out of his employees, he’s trying to tear them down… that’s the diff btwn him and GR! so i truly hope that GR sees what i’m talking abt and does not choose him to win!

lol meanwhile, scott is dealing w/ psycho jessica who’s still looking as wide eyed and frantic as ever lol, i see she hasn’t gotten effective help for her intensity… annnnd after taking forever w/ the garnish station and then still not even delivering good garnishes lol, scott quickly kicks her ass out and she takes off to the back.. smh, there really needs to be some kind of psychological testing the wannabes should go thru b4 making it onto the show lol. i will say tho that kashia is def working her butt off in trying her best and being the most helpful of the whole former bunch.. i’ve said it b4 in previous blogs, def the best time to come to HK is either the last dinner service b4 the finals, or the finals (but it won’t be GR’s dishes, it’ll be the finalists’ dishes).

GR reflects on both wannabe’s time as the head chefs in HK and whatnot and quickly sends them to his office.. he tells scott that he’s very determined and very artistic w/ his dishes.. he tells jass-on that he’s gotten stronger w/ each day in HK.. c’mon scott, open ur door!!!! i really really hope that scott wins it, jass-on does NOT deserve this prize and notoriety… he’ll be such a horrible boss to any female in the kitchen.. YES!!! SCOTT WINS!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!! :))))))) i’m so happy for him and his wife and 2 young kids! i admit, i was a bit worried that jass-on made it the finals, but i knew ultimately that GR would see that jass-on’s attitude is not right for the job, but i’m sure jass-on won’t take this as a lesson to not be a prick! so major congrats to scott!!!! :)


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